Dignity and respect

We are committed to providing an inclusive education, research and working environment free from bullying and harassment, ensuring all staff and students are treated and treat others with respect, consideration, courtesy and dignity at all times.

Report and Support

Our Report and Support tool enables current and former staff (UK, overseas and Units), students, alumni and others to safely report​​ incidents of bullying, discrimination and harassment anonymously or with contact details. You can also access support and resources, which include internal and external support, policies and procedures.

The Report and Support administrators for LSHTM are the EDI team:

Insight reports and feedback

Our aim is to continuously evaluate Report and Support and in turn to make termly insight reports available via the insights section on that platform. This will include trend analysis, progress updates and learning / actions arising.

If you have used Report and Support, we could welcome your feedback.

​​​Anti-bullying and harassment advisors network

Our anti-bullying and harassment advisors offer support and signposting to staff or students witnessing or experiencing bullying or harassment. They are able to talk through the options available in line with our anti-bullying and harassment policy and may support facilitation of informal resolution. They also provide support to individuals who are the subject of bullying or harassment allegations.

Mental health first aiders

We also have mental health first aiders, who can offer support for anyone who may be experiencing mental difficulties or showing signs of mental health issues.