Committees of Council


The Court assists the Director & the Chair of Council in fundraising to support the School in its world leading research and education, making recommendation to improve interactions between the School and its stakeholders.

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Council is the governing body of LSHTM and has overall responsibility for its operational and strategic management.

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Committee structure

Minutes of Council

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee reports to Council annually on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Executive’s arrangements for internal control, risk management, governance, value for money and the management and quality assurance of data.

Terms of reference and membership

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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Finance and Development Committee

The Finance and Development Committee focuses on the Financial Strategy, Financial Forecasts and Budget.

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Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee advises Council on matters concerning the membership of Council and its committees, managing the recruitment process for members and recommends to Council.

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People Committee

The People Committee has strategic oversight of, and reviews LSHTM's strategies, plans and objectives in relation to people-related matters.

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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee ensures such staff are appropriately rewarded in terms of their recruitment, retention & motivation but though a process which is robust and proportionate in its use of funds.

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Senate is responsible to the Council for setting the academic framework for research, teaching, learning and training at the School.

Membership and terms of reference

Postgraduate Taught Committee

The Postgraduate Taught Committee is responsible for advising and making recommendations to Senate on the enhancement of academic quality and assurance of academic standards for postgraduate taught provision.

Senate Post Graduate Taught Committee

Research Degrees Committee

Research Degrees Committee is responsible for advising and making recommendations to Senate on the enhancement of academic quality and assurance of academic standards for Research Degrees.

Senate Research Degrees Committee

Student Experience Committee

Student Experience Committee is responsible for advising and making recommendations to Senate, Senate sub-committees and the Director with the aim of improving the student experience.

Senate Student Experience Committee

Other decision making and advisory bodies

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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Research Governance Committees

To have oversight of research governance matters across the School, including clinical trials and Chariot Innovations.

Constitution & terms of reference

Research Ethics Committees

The Research Ethics committee safeguards the rights, safety, dignity and well-being of all actual and potential research participants. This includes protecting participants from physical, psychological, social/cultural, economic and legal risks of harm.

Observational Research Ethics Committee A

Observational Research Ethics Committee B

Interventions Research Ethics Committee

Commercialisation and Rapid Response (CaRR) Research Ethics Committee

MSc Research Ethics Committee

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Students' Representative Council (SRC)
Prevent Working Group (PWG)