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LSHTM Information Security Working Group - Terms of Reference

Approved by ISWG - 20 November 2017

The LSHTM Information Security Working Group reports to the LSHTM Management Board. The Group has (delegated) authority to discuss and agree the Schoolʼs security policies, to assign responsibility, authority and resources. The focus is on information, not on delivery of IT services, though there will need to be considerable interaction between the group and those who provide those services to ensure decisions are technically feasible and that they are implemented into the Schoolʼs systems.


ISWG is to meet quarterly and its remit is:

1) To make recommendations to the Management Board on LSHTM's strategy and policies for the management of security in relation to its information, systems and networks.

2) To make recommendations to the Management Board on policies which need to be enforced throughout the School and associated network connections to ensure the security of information, computer systems and networks. This includes matters relating to data protection and freedom of information.

3) To receive reports from the Head of IT Security, IT Audit and Compliance on information security matters.

4) To receive reports from the LSHTM Archivist and Records Manager on Data Protection/FOI matters (once in post, DPO to report on DP matters).

5) To act as a focus for technical and other issues relating to information, system and network security, data protection and freedom of information within the School. This includes considering the information security implications of any proposed changes to the School’s information strategy or the introduction of new technology.

Members’ Responsibilities

Apart from normal chairing of meetings, the Chair will authorise additional attendees and approve the formation of ad hoc groups to consider specific matters. Chair will take Chair’s actions between meetings as and when necessary. Chair will help to find potential successors on the group or outside the group when s/he stands down.

The Secretary will schedule meetings, make room bookings and take minutes (checking correctness with Chair/Head of IT Security, IT Audit and Compliance).

All members of the LSHTM Information Security Working Group are expected to actively participate in the meetings (carrying out any actions assigned to them, reading papers beforehand and participating in ad-hoc groups as appropriate), bring matters and requirements to ISWG and take back any actions or communications. Members are also expected to send a deputy, if there is one, to the meeting if they cannot attend.

Members of the LSHTM Information Security Working Group may receive sensitive information, disclosure of which may be harmful to the School’s reputation or interests. Members are responsible for the safe handling of any such information.

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