LSHTM Fund: Empowering the next generation of future health leaders to study with us

We are so grateful for the kindness and generosity of our LSHTM Fund donors. Each year, your support funds our LSHTM Fund Scholarship, enabling exceptional students to study at our School.

With your help, we can increase the number of scholarships we are able to offer. We receive thousands of applications every year, with funding only available to support a small number. Without support, many brilliant students like this year's LSHTM Fund scholar Dr Maria Rauf Jaswal, would not have been able to study with us:

“I cannot describe the level of gratitude I feel to everyone who donated to fund this scholarship, and to those who selected me, I feel truly honoured. I would never have been able to afford this course on my own, so the only way for me to pursue this kind of study was through a scholarship. It will remove the barriers to education so many face, changing lives and furthering LSHTM’s mission to improve health and health equity worldwide.”

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About us

Since 1899, LSHTM has trained the next generation of innovators to revolutionise global health and health equity. We work to enable opportunities and career pathways for the most talented students from around the globe.

Our diverse student body is what makes our community so special. We believe access to education should be available to all, regardless of financial status and economic background. An increasing number of university students face substantial worries trying to make ends meet while studying.

To deliver on our mission to improving health and health equity worldwide, we champion the role that scholarships play for promising students from both the UK and global health’s traditionally under-represented communities. Whether studying in London or remotely with our robust distance learning experience, we want all of our students to feel valued and part of our community whole accessing the highest quality education.

Our School's global impact would not be possible without the crucial support of our community of committed donors and friends. Thank you.