Health and data programmes

We’re committed to training future health leaders, managers and researchers across the world to take on the challenges of our time.

On our health and data courses, you will gain crucial knowledge and practical skills to create a more healthy, sustainable and equitable world from top experts with experience from Ebola to COVID-19.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) has a legacy of 125 years of pioneering public and global health, we stand at the forefront of research, education, and policy impact.

Our health and data programmes

MSc Demography & Health

This course is designed to train population scientists to tackle global challenges in population trends. Some of the most critical global issues are demographic, creating demand for trained demographers to contribute to population policy, practice and research. Your training on this MSc will include cutting-edge techniques in demographic estimation, population projections and data analytics. You will also study the complex interaction of population dynamics with socioeconomic, political and environmental factors, understand the processes that govern population change and learn to assess population trends and policy from a critical perspective.

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MSc Epidemiology (on campus and online)

This course is designed to study the distribution and determinants of health in populations, and to apply this knowledge to improve population health and health equity. You’ll be equipped to investigate both infectious and non-communicable diseases spanning diverse global contexts. By the end of the course, you will be able to make valuable contributions to medical research and public health worldwide, developing transferable skills appropriate for health-related careers such as in academia, the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and in clinical research.

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MSc Health Data Science

This course is designed to help identify new ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease with data science. Combine your passion for healthcare with technical knowledge and develop the specialist skills you need to become a successful and in-demand health data scientist and be immersed in an inspiring environment where world leaders in machine learning, electronic health records and epidemiology are pushing boundaries.

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MSc Health Policy, Planning & Financing

This course is designed to provide a holistic perspective of health policy, planning, financing and health economics that is relevant to countries at all levels of development. Benefiting from the expertise, resources and networks available at both LSHTM and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), you’ll discover how to critically analyse health system issues, evaluate the effectiveness of policies, and devise appropriate health policy responses. By the end of the course, you could be making valuable contributions as you advocate for the steady growth of health systems worldwide.

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MSc Medical Statistics

This course is designed to develop medical statisticians who can solve some of the biggest challenges in medicine. Help to advance medical knowledge, prevent diseases, improve treatments, and influence government health policies. From designing clinical studies to identifying the causes of diseases, you’ll develop the specialist skills you need to play a vital role in global health and development.

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MSc Veterinary Epidemiology

This course is designed to train veterinary epidemiologists at the front line of disease surveillance and control. Combining LSHTM's strengths in epidemiological principles and communicable disease epidemiology with the Royal Veterinary College’s expertise in veterinary epidemiology, animal health and production, you’ll receive training in methodological skills for carrying out epidemiological studies while learning skills in surveillance and disease control in animal and human populations.

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Other subjects

Not found a course for you? Take a look at our programmes in population health, infectious and tropical diseases or public health and policy.

"LSHTM is a prestigious institution providing the perfect combination of programming, statistics and epidemiology for anyone looking to enter the world of health data science. The course is also supported by Health Data Research UK and other well-known companies who provide insightful seminars throughout the year as well as many interesting summer MSc projects."

Farzaneh Farhoush, United Kingdom
MSc Health Data Science

Creating a more healthy, sustainable and equitable world: LSHTM

"The programme provides a platform that unites my love for medical and mathematical sciences. I decided to take my existing experience a step further by enrolling on a master's programme at a leading institution. I was drawn to LSHTM because it has consistently been a strong voice in global health and is renowned for its high-quality research."

Osahon Otaigbe, Nigeria
MSc Medical Statistics