Access and widening participation

Our Strategy to Promote Access and Widening Participation outlines LSHTM's pledge to create an environment where students from diverse backgrounds feel they belong, can thrive, and are valued for their unique contribution.

Staff across LSHTM are working on initiatives that are designed to enable excellent students from groups who have been historically underrepresented in Higher Education at the postgraduate level to study, feel a sense of belonging and succeed at the School. This Widening Participation work is one of several Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programmes that is currently being undertaken at LSHTM and it ties directly with our Values, particularly Embracing Difference.

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Contextual admissions

LSHTM recognises that there are numerous factors that can affect a student’s attainment during their post-16 and undergraduate studies. In order to better appreciate the individual journeys each student has gone through before applying for a course at LSHTM, we use a contextualised admissions system that supports and enables those students who have faced the greatest barriers to learning.

We particularly welcome applicants who self-identify as belonging to any of the following groups as they are under-represented both at LSHTM and at the postgraduate level more broadly:

  • Of a Black ethnicity
  • Care experienced
  • Care giver
  • Disabled
  • Estranged from family
  • First generation in family to enter higher education
  • Refugee or asylum seeker

Home students from these groups will also receive preference for the 10 Next Generation Scholars awards. Further information can be found in the award advert.

All applicants have the chance to outline and explore the barriers and challenges they have faced in the ‘Education’ section of their application, if they want to share that information. This section has been introduced to allow prospective students the opportunity to provide those who are assessing the application with a greater understanding about their personal background and to consider how these barriers have impacted their personal journey so far.

Prospective students can read about our current students and their experiences on the student blogs page.