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"The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted that preparedness is critical to controlling the spread of infection and the need for a joined-up approach to help reduce devastating impacts. High-quality research and training the next generation are crucial if the global response is to be evidence-based and sustainable into the future."

Professor Liam Smeeth
Director, LSHTM

Thank you for your desire to join us in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Our people and capacities are stretched to the limit, here are some of the projects we focus on.

Shaping pandemic response

A female student working in the LSHTM malaria lab

Our new Centre for Pandemic Preparedness and Response drives transformative global epidemic responses, influencing national and international practices and leading high-impact research.

LSHTM's team of global experts includes one of the largest groups of epidemiologists in Europe, who examine the incidence, distribution and control of infectious diseases. Our behavioural scientists inform how we, and other institutions, work with local communities. We have experts delivering health initiatives in humanitarian crisis settings and laboratory researchers who study diseases on a biological level, including their diagnosis and transmission.

We work closely with long-standing international partners, with key projects led by the LSHTM-MRC Units in The Gambia and Uganda.

It is also vital to build public trust and confidence in vaccinations.

Our Vaccine Confidence Group has over a decade of experience investigating vaccine communications and confidence. Mapping sentiments and emotions towards disease risk and willingness to comply with health interventions will be crucial to anticipate the support needed for post-pandemic recovery.

Educating and empowering the next generation of global health leaders

A group of students sitting in a lecture hall

Future success in controlling epidemics is dependent on having qualified healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to make a difference. We want to enable opportunities and career pathways for the most talented students, irrespective of where they come from. A diverse student body makes our School community unique. Access to postgraduate education should be available to all, regardless of finances. An increasing number of students are facing substantial worries trying to make ends meet.

To deliver on our mission of improving health worldwide, we understand the importance of scholarships for promising students from the UK and global health’s traditionally under-represented communities. The best students from all backgrounds must be able to access our qualifications.

Whether people study in London or by distance learning, we want all students to feel like valued members of our community and access the highest quality education.

We are expanding mentoring opportunities for students and alumni – please consider volunteering as a mentor and making a gift to support our education programme.

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Thank you

Over the past year, our alumni and friends have given so generously by either donating their time or by donating to the LSHTM COVID-19 response.

If you would like to discuss your support to LSHTM’s COVID-19 Response Fund, please contact:

Director of Development & Alumni Relations: Valerie Boulet
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7927 2630

Thank you for your support during these uncertain times.