Changes to courses

Provision of courses

Information set out in the prospectus and your offer letter is as accurate as possible at the date of publication. However, changes to programmes, modules, the prospectus content, and services provided by the School may be necessary, for example to keep programmes compliant with regulatory or accreditation requirements, or to stay up-to-date with current practice or scientific knowledge. We may also need to make changes due to circumstances outside of the School's control, such as where key staff depart the School, or in the event of a loss of funding, industrial action, severe weather, fire, civil disorder, political unrest, government restrictions or an outbreak of serious illness. We will inform you if we need to make changes to the programme, and explain how we plan to mitigate the impact of any such changes on you.

Please note the following points in particular:

Changes to optional modules

Any optional (i.e. non-core) modules listed are indicative and may change from year to year for reasons including staff availability, student demand, and enhancements to programmes as part of ongoing review.

Changes to teaching staff

Any named staff listed as teaching on a programme are subject to change and dependent on the modules selected for study by the student.

Course cancellation

In exceptional circumstances, the School may be unable to run a course for reasons of operational viability and/or student experience. In the event that a course is unable to run, we will advise applicants and enrolled students at the earliest possible opportunity in writing. Students will be provided with the opportunity to change course, where possible, or to receive a full refund of any deposit or tuition fees paid.

Course and module changes

The School will not normally make material changes to modules or programmes that students have agreed to study, except where the changes will benefit the student experience or changes are necessary due to circumstances outside of the control of the School. Where material changes are necessary or proposed, students will normally be consulted whenever possible and the School will provide appropriate support and guidance. We will advise applicants and enrolled students at the earliest possible opportunity.

Changes to regulations and policies

The School may make reasonable changes to our regulations and policies from time to time to:

  • ensure the proper delivery of the educational service;
  • meet legal or regulatory requirements;
  • reflect current guidance or good practice;
  • put in place the results of student feedback; and/or
  • improve the student experience.

If significant, such changes will normally come into force at the beginning of the following academic year.