Public engagement

Public engagement encompasses activities and projects that allow for open communication and two-way dialogue between researchers and members of the public. It involves interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit.

Why engage with our research?

Access & discover: Our research has a tangible impact on health practice and policy in the UK and worldwide. Engaging with our research provides society, as research users, with the potential to access cutting-edge biomedical research that contributes to determining personal and global health outcomes.

Empower & enable: Engaging with our research and researchers can empower individuals and communities to draw upon their experiences to produce knowledge and outputs that are useful for all involved. This enables us to ensure that we are asking the right questions in our research.

What is public engagement at the School?

Our vision is to create an inspiring, inclusive and diverse culture of public engagement, transforming our research and learning through genuine dialogue with defined local and global communities. Learn more in our strategy (pdf).

In collaboration with the Public Engagement Advisory Group, the Public Engagement Coordinator Erin Lafferty acts as the School’s public engagement lead and works to advance a culture of embedded public engagement in research at the School. The central programme at the School is supported through core institution funding as well as funding from the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund