For the public

Discover how and where you can engage with our research and researchers in the community, classroom & online.

In the community

Researchers from the School regularly take part in Festivals and other public events at external venues such as Museums and are eager to engage with the public here. Check out where we will be next!

This page is updated regularly as new events are scheduled.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, SENsory Astronights

SENsory Astronights – Saturday 4 August – Sunday 5 August 2018, 19:30-10:00 the following morning (Science Museum, London)

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are taking to the Science Museum for a sleepover!

Learn about superbugs, how they develop resistance to antibiotics, and how our researchers are responding to this challenge. Play with your family to make it to the end of our life-sized board game on treating bacterial infections, talk to our researchers to discover more about a day in the life of a scientist, and get up close to some giant cuddly microbes.

SENsory Astronights is a relaxed, after-dark exploration of the Science Museum for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

In the classroom

Support we provide in schools

The School is committed to supporting science, maths and social science-related learning at schools and colleges in Camden, Westminster and Islington. We have a growing community of staff and research degree students who are STEM Ambassadors and regularly give workshops related to their research as well as discuss their career paths with students. If you are a teacher at a central London school, please write to us at

Get involved

For members of the public who would like to get involved in School research

Involved members of the public conduct relevant work throughout the research process beside the research team.  Possible roles can include helping design research questions, sitting on an advisory panel for a research project, advising on research information sheets for the public and helping good research be heard and discussed. Find out more about what it is like to get involved in research.


Learn more about global health

Read the School’s Opinion blog to find out what our experts are saying about the latest public & global health news and research.

Do you have a keen interest in a particular public or global health topic? Check out our free online courses, giving you access to our experts from anywhere in the world. Course topics include, Ebola, Zika, Maternal, Adolescent & Child Health, Health in Humanitarian Crises and many others.

The winner of the School’s 2018 Three Minute Thesis competition was Roxanne Kovacs from the Faculty of Public Health & Policy. Roxanne will now represent the School in the national competition. View her winning talk and the other finalists. The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland, Australia.