Fundraising priorities

Research and innovation

Our expertise encompasses many disciplines, and we are one of the highest-rated research institutions in the UK.
Your support we can help us invest further in existing fields of research and branch out into new areas. Find out more about the School's research.

Renovating and building

The School is outgrowing its historic buildings, and new and renovated laboratory space are needed to house our world-class researchers and to support our work. As the scope of our work, and the demand for our expertise grows so does the need to new and up to date facilities. With your support we can update our existing buildings and develop new spaces.


Scholarship funding is a top priority to ensure that the best students have the chance to learn from us, and each other. The results can be life changing, not only for students, but for the communities and countries they serve. With your support we can ensure the brightest and best students have the opportunity to learn with us, regardless of their economic background.