Staff & students

The School is committed to continually working to embed public engagement throughout the research cycle, across the research we do and within the local and global communities where we conduct our research, as detailed in our public engagement strategy.

Why engage with the public?

  • To share our public health work in a transparent way, creating an atmosphere of trust
  • To enhance our research processes and outcomes to achieve wider benefits and impact
  • To facilitate the exchange of public health knowledge and ideas
  • To enrich the skills and confidence of School staff and students

We support and encourage staff & students to engage with the public by:

Facilitating opportunities…

…for staff & students to engage with the public such as at external events like science & cultural festivals or in museums and community buildings.

Recognising engagement…

…as an important characteristic of a well-rounded researcher, in line with the Researcher Development Framework. As such, public engagement activities are considered under external citizenship within the academic promotions process. Engagement activities at the School are often celebrated and publicised through internal and external communication channels as well.

Supporting ideas…

…by providing 1:1 advice on planning and delivering your public engagement project or activity as well as support for preparing applications for public engagement funding within a research grant application or for a stand-alone public engagement grant application.

Delivering training…

…that has been developed using in-house expertise or from external trainers to provide staff & students with skills in public engagement as well as contribute to their broader research and career aspirations.

Providing funding…

…so that staff & students can carry out meaningful engagement and trial new public engagement ideas. The School has its own small grants scheme in public engagement, providing up to £1,000 for staff & research degree students in any Faculty to plan and deliver a public engagement project or activity.

Current staff & students

If you are a current member of staff or student at the School, please log on to the intranet to discover:

  • Resources for planning and delivering engagement & involvement
  • How to get involved in upcoming opportunities
  • Upcoming internal and external training opportunities
  • Learning-based case studies from staff & students who have done public engagement
  • Our Public Engagement Champions
  • Public engagement & involvement funding opportunities

If you are a prospective student or staff member and want to learn more about PE at the School, please email

Who is the Public Engagement Team?

Public Engagement Manager: Erin Lafferty

Public Engagement Officer: Naomi Asantewa