Mentoring and supporting students

Mentoring students

In the 202-21 academic year, we will be offering two new programmes to support students.

• Helps students define their career and or personal development goals and areas for development, enhances confidence, and provides contacts that will enable them to progress their career.
• Mentors are usually more senior and experienced within a similar professional discipline.

Student buddy-system
• Helps build social and professional relationships for friendship, advice, emotional support, and wellbeing.
• Buddies are not necessarily experienced in the same discipline—relationships formed around shared experiences and interests.



The programme will be open to all LSHTM students. Students will connect with mentors via our online community. Mentors will volunteer their time, committing to at least three (face-to-face, telephone, or video calling) meetings with their mentee.

Further information about the programme, including how to apply, will be available in the autumn. You can also register your interest by emailing

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Class of 2020 – Class of 2021 buddy system

Studying for a degree during a global pandemic is challenging. Following requests from this year’s students, we are piloting a buddy system to match this year and next year’s students to provide each other with networking opportunities, mutual support, and friendship during this difficult time.

The programme will be open to all London-based and distance learning students and will be managed via the online alumni community. Further information will be available in the autumn. If you are a current student and interested in participating, please complete the online form.