Mentoring and supporting students

Mentoring students

In the 2022-23 academic year, we will be offering two exciting volunteer programmes to support our students.

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Help our students define their career and personal development goals. By connecting with students, you could help your mentee identify areas for development, enhance their confidence, expand their network and help to progress their career.

We ask our mentors to commit to three 40 minute meetings with their mentee. Training and mentor networking is available all year round. Meetings can take place face-to-face, by telephone or by video calling.

You can sign-up as a mentor, or find a mentor for yourself, at LSHTM Connect.



Pentacell is a School-wide activity to strengthen the School community, increase our well-being and forward our goal of improving global health.

Five students meet weekly for five weeks and listen to each other’s ideas and perspectives. Group members share their passions and perceptions, their outlooks and opinions.

Our Pentacell Alumni Ambassadors will be available on request to enhance sessions by sharing their own experience of LSHTM. Across the first five weeks of term, you may be contacted by students who would like to hear about your experiences or ask for advice.

If you have insight into the student experience and have a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, we think you might be great for this role.

The Pentacell scheme is supported by LSHTM’s Director and Senior Leadership Team and is running for most MSc and doctoral Programmes. The project is overseen by the Pentacell Development Group, which includes:

  • Rachel Gould, Senior Counsellor and Wellbeing Manager
  • Ford Hickson, Associate Professor and Programme Director for MSc Public Health
  • Tom Osbourne, LSHTM alumnus and former Pentacell facilitator
  • Chris Conneely, Head of Alumni Relations and Regular Giving
  • Meron Berhanu, Alumni Engagement Officer


Pentacell was developed in response to increasing concerns about student wellbeing over the last few years and the COVID-19 pandemic. Pentacell aims to increase enrolled students mutual sharing of information, care and support; and therefore, improve their sense of organisational belonging and mutuality. Feedback suggests these activities reduce students’ experience of isolation and loneliness. Through the process of participating in the Pentacell, enrolled students also develop interpersonal skills beneficial for agents of change in health.

Alumni who take part in Pentacell will make an important contribution to student education, as well as developing their own group facilitation and education skills.

You can register your interest by completing our online form.

Please contact Meron Berhanu in the Alumni Office if you have any questions about either of these volunteer programmes.