Donate to the LSHTM Fund and help a wide range of projects and activities targeted at improving global health.

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Student Callers raising funds for the LSHTM Fund
LSHTM students raising funds for scholarships

The LSHTM Fund helps to deliver LSHTM's mission to improve health worldwide and transform lives. Since 2011, the LSHTM Fund has raised over £850,000 for scholarships, teaching and research. We are very grateful for the generous support of our alumni and friends. As we embark on exciting new projects, we need your help more than ever.

This year, your donations will be used to fund scholarships for the next generation of global health leaders, and to improve our teaching and research facilities. Thank you for your gift which enables us to continue to improve health worldwide.

If you are an alumnus of LSHTM and you would prefer not to be contacted for the next LSHTM Fund Telephone Fundraising Campaign, please let us know:

For more information on giving to LSHTM including making tax-deductible gifts see our support us section.