From ‘winner takes all’ to co-benefits

From winner takes all to co-benefits

In the future, we’ll need to find more ways to align human health, environmental health and economic health. The levers and incentives driving change in public health will have to shift. Until now, we’ve been able to improve health outcomes with help from political or commercial incentives, but with little reference to other priorities.

In the new era of public health, there will need to be more situations where everybody wins: commercially viable innovations that unlock healthier and more sustainable behaviours; new industries that support prosperity and wellbeing in equitable ways while helping to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

Co-benefits in action

The way we eat on the human planet is one example. Our research has demonstrated that predominantly plant-based diets benefit both our bodies and the environment when compared to average diets. Multiple benefits can be achieved from even small dietary changes and eating sustainably – reducing risk of human diseases like diabetes and helping to minimise the food system’s contribution to climate change. Read more.

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