From health hierarchies to healthy networks

From health hierarchies to healthy networks

A centralised, hierarchical approach to public health has served us well in the past but public health on our human planet will look different.

Rather than defer to a handful of leading institutions, we’ll need constant dialogue between distributed networks of expertise. The size and profile of your organisation will matter less - it’s your ability to listen and make connections that will determine your impact.

The new era of public health will depend on our ability to pool insights and connect rapidly - maintaining a frictionless flow of information, and continuous conversation, between teams in different fields of study and different locations.

Healthy networks in action

Our involvement in the Multi-country, Multi-city Collaborative research network points to the kind of approach we mean: independent groups of scientists looking at a global challenge through a global, cross disciplinary lens; and using the largest ever datasets linking environmental stressors, climate and health, to develop solutions both nationally and internationally. Read more.

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