New era

How can public health adapt to the realities of a changing planet?

Building on a proud history of innovation and progress, the new era of public health will need to embrace new ideas, new ways of working, new technologies and methodologies.

As we look ahead to the challenges of the future on our changing planet, we can see 6 major ways that public health will need to change.

1. From health hierarchies to healthy networks

A centralised, ‘command-and-control’ approach to public health will no longer be possible. Looser, more agile networks must take its place

From health hierarchies to healthy networks

2. From rapid response to ‘predict, prevent, prepare’

We need to become as adept at anticipating problems, and intervening early, as we are at responding to a crisis.

From rapid response to predict, prevent, prepare

3. From separate specialisms to integrated expertise

We need to collaborate and communicate more effectively as public health leaders and scientists and tackle inter-related problems more holistically than ever before

From seperate specialisms to integrated expertise

4. From ‘winner takes all’ to co-benefits

Commercial, environmental, public health and social incentives can and must be aligned.

From winner takes all to co-benefits

5. From top-down to frontline-first

Voices from low and middle income countries must have an equal hearing, because the data and the solutions will be found on the frontline of climate change

From top-down to front line first

6. From straight lines to big leaps

We need to seize every opportunity to bypass historical phases of development and deliver radical innovation in public health.

From straight lines to big leaps