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Join the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health | LSHTM staff

The Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health (CCCPH) membership is open to all LSHTM staff with an interest in planetary health research.

As a member you will experience a range of opportunities including:

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration with other researchers at LSHTM
  • Attendance at monthly Centre meetings and the opportunity to present work
  • Networking and participation in Centre events
  • Use of your CCCPH affiliation in funding applications, on academic papers and posters, and for conference presentations
  • Access to communications channels to share your work, and the work of others in the field (e.g. news stories, social media and events)

Please note: by signing up to this internal mailing list, you are agreeing to receive regular updates and opportunities from CCCPH.

Join the Planetary Health Network (PHN) | LSHTM students, alumni and early career researchers

The Planetary Health Network is a group of LSHTM students, alumni and early career researchers, supported by the CCCPH. We organise social activities and events at the School, send a weekly news bulletin through our email list, and run a platform for members to share planetary health news, chat and community. 

Find out more about the PHN, or:

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If you're external to LSHTM or want to stay engaged without becoming a CCCPH member, you can still keep up to date with Centre news, activities and publications by signing up to our newsletter.

Privacy notice

You can unsubscribe from either mailing list at any time. Every communication we send out includes information on how to do so.

For more information on how we use your data, please see our privacy notice for mailing list recipients. There is also further information on our approach to privacy and security on our Data Protection pages.

Funding support

Please find below two forms for members of the CCCPH to request financial support. These would be one off, ad hoc individual awards for those who are unable to fund attendance at events, publications, or professional development costs through project budgets. Applicants will need to explain why there is no other funding source available to you for these purposes, and provide evidence by way of receipts. Any expenses incurred should be in line with the LSHTM expenses policy.

Help with open access fees

The CCCPH is offering support for members to pay open access publishing fees for climate change and planetary health related publications. You must have no other avenues of support for open access publishing fees (see LSHTM library for info about other options).

Help with conference and training fees

The CCCPH is offering financial support for CCCPH members to attend conferences or take part in education and training opportunities. Applicants must have no other avenues of financial support for attending conferences or training.

Support Us

Please support us in our work to pioneer a new era of public health that’s fit for the challenges of the Anthropocene.

With your support we will:

  1. Train the next generation of experts in this field, particularly those from climate vulnerable countries
  2. Grow the capacity of our Centre to deliver outstanding research through establishing new roles and urgently needed Fellowship opportunities
  3. Deliver urgently needed research in areas, such as:
    • sustainable and healthy food systems under environmental change ¾ The shifting patterns of infectious disease due to climate change
    • The impact of increasing temperature extremes on health and mortality
    • The design of sustainable and healthy cities
    • The development of nature-based solutions and climate resilient health systems We urgently need your help to make our work possible.

To find out how you can support us, make a gift or partner with our Centre, please contact: Mary-Alice McDevitt,, 020 7612 7879.