From separate specialisms to integrated expertise

3. From separate specialisms to integrated expertise

In the new era of public health, our scientific specialisms will need to unite with expertise and experience from across a raft of other fields – from climate science to technology, from AI to behavioural psychology, from economics to geopolitics.

We’ll each need to become a link in the chain of an international, cross disciplinary effort - building on our combined knowledge as a species, and connecting nations and organisations, as never before. Just as climate change ignores borders, the barriers between institutions, academic traditions, and subject disciplines will need to be overcome.

Integrated expertise in action

An example of this approach can be seen in our international work studying the impact of climate on health. We’re collaborating with colleagues around the world – analysing data from over 700 locations across 43 countries – establishing key findings such as how many heat-related deaths can be attributed to human-induced global warming, the health impacts of wildfire pollution and work influencing WHO air quality guidelines

Help pioneer a new era of public health in the Anthropocene