From top-down to frontline-first

5. From top-down to frontline-first

We’re still living with systemic inequalities in public health: the problems of climate change and environmental crisis are being felt first and more acutely in low and middle income countries, while the rest of the world all too often either looks the other way or ‘parachutes in’ to try and save the day.

In the new era of public health, we’ll need a different mindset and more balanced approaches. The communities, experts and nations on the frontline of the climate crisis will have solutions and we will all need to learn to listen.

Frontline-first in action

Our network of academic partnerships around the world and dedicated units in The Gambia and Uganda allow us to learn from empirical data and researchers in the field, and from those directly affected by climate change: like the West African farmers taking part in our study to measure the impact of rising temperatures on their health in pregnancy and the health of their unborn children. Read more

Help pioneer a new era of public health in the Anthropocene