University (Intercollegiate) Halls of Residence


Academic Year 2020/21

In light of COVID-19 and the fact teaching for Terms 1 & 2 will be delivered wholly online in 2020/21, students should not sign up for accommodation until they can be sure they will be able to commit to the tenancy contract. For more information about the academic year 2020-21, please check our COVID-19 advice for applicants and offer holders FAQs.

Students still wishing to come to London and stay in student halls of residence may contact the UoL Halls Team directly to enquire about vacancies across the Intercollegiate Halls, as ULHS will be direct letting some of their rooms to all students for 2020/21.

University of London Intercollegiate Halls

These are student halls of residence, with rooms allocated to the different member institutions of the University of London (UoL), of which LSHTM is one.

For 2020/21, LSHTM has an allocation of 45 rooms in the following halls*: 

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a description of room types that we have allocated in each hall.

*Unfortunately LSHTM has needed to reduce its number of rooms in Intercollegiate Halls to 25 rooms in total due to the circumstances with COVID-19. We no longer have any of the rooms in Lillian Penson Hall, nor the single room with shared bathroom in College Hall and the large townhouse in The Garden Halls.

Please note: LSHTM students can only apply for the rooms in the halls which have been allocated to LSHTM. It is not possible to apply for other room types or rooms in other UoL halls which are not part of LSHTM’s quota.

The only exception to this are the following University of London managed properties and rooms, which are not part of any member institutions' quotas:

LSHTM applications for a room in Intercollegiate Halls will open on Friday 15th May and close on Sunday 19th July. All applications submitted within this period will be considered (i.e. it is not first come, first served).

Full-time students with a conditional or unconditional offer from LSHTM can apply for the halls. However when making offers for rooms, we will prioritise those with unconditional offers, so we suggest you meet the conditions of your offer as soon as possible if you want to apply for halls. To check your offer conditions, you should refer to your offer letter or email the Admissions team.

Intercollegiate halls tenancies usually start in mid September and last until mid June or end of August, depending on whether it is a 40- or 50-week tenancy contract (allowing students to stay in the same accommodation until the main MSc exams). If you decide to stay in London beyond that, the accommodation provider may move you to a different room within the same building, or to a different hall. Students in halls will be asked to decide around February/March each year whether they would like to stay longer.

Please note that competition for these halls is high so we recommend that you also look into alternative accommodation in case you are not offered a place.

Applications for Intercollegiate Halls 2020/21 are now closed

Please submit only one application form. Only one application per person will be considered. If you submit more than one application, this may result in all your applications being rejected.

Applicants must state their 6 preferred room options. Applications which do not list all 6 preferences will not be considered. In the application form, all 13 room types that are part of LSHTM's quota will be listed. We ask that you rank 6 of them, in order of preference. Please only select 6 room options (not more, not less), in order of preference, with 1 being your top room choice.

All applications submitted within this period will be considered (i.e. it is not first come, first served).

Please check out our applications FAQs below for further information.

Intercollegiate Halls Applications FAQs

What happens to my application after the July deadline?

All intercollegiate halls applications will be considered on an equal basis according to our priority criteria (i.e. it is not first come, first served). Those students who have been successful in their application for a halls place will be contacted by email by University of London Housing Services (ULHS) within a couple of weeks of the deadline*. See below for if you don’t get an offer.

*Due to the high volume of applications it is not feasible for ULHS to notify unsuccessful applicants, so if you do not receive an email from ULHS, unfortunately this means your application has not been successful.

How are intercollegiate halls applications prioritised?

Priority is given to:

  • students holding unconditional offers of a place at LSHTM, and
  • international students who have not spent time in the UK previously, and
  • students with certain disabilities/medical conditions* (we may require documentary evidence)

However, it is still worth applying even if you don’t feel you meet the priority criteria.

*Disabled students who require adapted rooms should look at the information here (scroll down to "Housing for students with disabilities").

Can I apply to the intercollegiate halls if I have a conditional offer for LSHTM?

You can apply to the halls if you have a conditional offer (by the July deadline), but if you receive an offer of a halls place, you will be asked to pay a deposit within around 5 working days of the offer being made. 

Are halls deposits refundable?

Deposits are refundable in certain conditions – please refer to the University of London website.

If I have a conditional offer when I apply to halls, but my offer changes to unconditional, what should I do?

If your offer status changes from conditional to unconditional before mid-August, and you are still interested in a room in the intercollegiate halls, please:

  • send an email to
  • use the subject “halls / change of offer status”
  • provide your LSHTM applicant reference
  • attach your offer of admission letter confirming your unconditional offer status

We will then update your application record on our system and factor this information in when allocations are made. As halls rooms continue to be offered throughout the summer, you can provide us with change-of-offer-status information right up to 19 August 2020.

Please do not submit a new application form as only one application per person will be considered. If you submit more than one application, this may result in all your applications being automatically rejected.

I have submitted my application, but I changed my mind about my room preferences, what should I do?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to update your application, so please do your research and think carefully about your order of preference for rooms before submitting your application. You must state your 6 preferred room options. Applications which do not list all 6 preferences (or which list more than 6 options) will not be considered.

Please do not submit a new application form as only one application per person will be considered. If you submit more than one application, this may result in all your applications being automatically rejected.

If I don’t get an offer of a halls place, will you still consider my application if rooms are not taken by other students?

Yes, until end of August we continue to offer rooms out to students who have applied before the July deadline, as not everyone will take up the offer of a room.

We usually end up having up to three rounds of allocations, depending on how many successful applicants accept or decline their offer of a room. For 2020/21, the allocations are scheduled for: 

  1. w/c 20 July
  2. w/c 03 August (if any rooms not taken up)
  3. w/c 17 August (if any rooms not taken up)
If I don’t get an offer of a halls place by the end of August, is there another chance to get a room in halls?

A waiting list will open in September. This will allow you to apply for rooms which have not been filled by other University of London students. The waiting list is managed directly by ULHS and an application form will be available on their website. Please check the Waiting list FAQs (University of London website) for further information.

Do I have to re-apply to join the intercollegiate halls waiting list in September?

Yes - if you have not had an offer of a room by the time the September waiting list opens, you will need to re-apply via the September waiting list which is managed directly by ULHS.

Are there any rooms for couples?

All of our rooms are for single occupancy, except for the double rooms at Lillian Penson Hall, which have double occupancy, so a student may wish to live with a partner in one of those rooms. The contract holder will be the student only, and if they decide to depart, the partner will also be required to leave.

Are there any halls accommodation for families?

For students looking to live with their family in Intercollegiate Halls, please check the information about family flats in International Hall. Students must apply directly to the University of London (scroll to the bottom where it says "Housing for students with families"). Please note that the deadline for applications for family flats are set by ULHS and differ to the deadline for applying for LSHTM's quota of halls room.

Are there any adapted rooms for students with disabilities?

ULHS have a number of wheelchair accessible rooms at College Hall, International Hall and Garden Halls. Applications should be made directly to ULHS - please email describing your circumstances and requirements. Please attach any relevant medical documentation to your email as this will help them assess your application quicker. The rooms are offered on a first-come, first served basis.

2020-21 LSHTM allocation 

For specific queries about rooms, contracts and payment, please contact the Halls team at University of London directly.

Garden Halls

The Garden Halls is a hall of residence complex located in Bloomsbury near Euston and King's Cross/St Pancras stations and around a 12-minute walk from LSHTM's main building in Keppel Street (or 1km away).

Room type and number of available rooms Catering status Contract length* Price per week
Ensuite catered (3) Catered 40 weeks £292.88
Standard superior (5) Self-catered 40 weeks £216.23

International Hall

International Hall is an undergraduate and postgraduate catered hall which is located 850m (or about 11 minutes' walk) from LSHTM's Keppel Street building. Russell Square tube station is about 300m from the hall.

This hall also accepts students with partners and/or children (in the flats, which are not part of LSHTM's allocation and have a different application process; please check directly with the University of London).

Room type and number of available rooms Catering status Contract length* Price per week
Single room shared bathroom (5) Catered 40 weeks £228.83
Single studio (4) Self-catered 40 weeks £258.93
Large single studio (4) Self-catered 40 weeks £264.18

College Hall

College Hall is a fully catered, predominantly undergraduate hall based on Malet Street, which is around the corner from LSHTM's main Keppel Street building.

Room type and number of available rooms Catering status Contract length* Price per week
Single ensuite (4) Catered 40 weeks £279.58

*40 weeks =  13/09/2020 – 19/06/2021; 50 weeks = 13/09/2020 – 28/08/2021