Students with family or partner

Halls of residence

Accommodation for families

Most of the student halls of residence will not take children, but the following halls do accept families with children (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • International Hall - flats only; located in the heart of Bloomsbury, within walking distance of LSHTM. Please check the How to Apply section and scroll down to "Housing for students with families" for further information. Applications must be made directly with the University of London.
  • Goodenough College - popular accommodation for students in the heart of Bloomsbury, within walking distance of LSHTM
  • Nansen Village - located in North London, near Woodside Park tube station which is on the Northern Line (direct line to Goodge Street station, near LSHTM).
  • Zebra Housing - homes located in zones 1 and 2

Accommodation for couples

All of the listed halls above will also have options for students with partners.

In addition, the following halls also cater for couples:

*These halls are part of the University of London Intercollegiate Halls. To apply for the flats, you must apply directly to the University of London (scroll down to "Housing for students with families" for further info). Additionally, for 2021/22, the University of London will be direct letting rooms at Lillian Penson Hall to students - some of the rooms allow double occupancy. Apply here.

Private accommodation

If you are planning to live in private accommodation, there are usually no restrictions about bringing your partner and/or children, but you should be clear with the landlord about who will be living with you.

Make sure that you think about your budget as living with your partner and/or children will increase the amount of rent you have to spend. You may want to consider living further away from LSHTM (Zone 2 onwards) as this will usually mean you pay a more reasonable amount of rent (as a general rule, the further away from Central London, the cheaper).

Please check the Private accommodation section for further information and resources to help you with your search.

Council tax

Adults in private accommodation are usually expected to pay council tax, but full-time students are exempt from paying council tax for the period they are studying. If your partner has a visa as your dependant, they might also be exempt from paying, depending on circumstances. Please check the UK Government's guidance on Council Tax and the UKCISA website for more detailed information on council tax and exemptions.

Childcare and schools

If you have children, childcare and schooling options may also influence where you live. Download our information sheet on Childcare options near to LSHTM but please be aware that these will be very popular so you may need to explore other options. Most children from around the age of 4 will be eligible for a free school place (in a UK state school). Younger children will need to be in paid child-care (nursery, child minder or nanny) - and childcare in London is notoriously expensive so be prepared!