Scholarship FAQs

What funding is available?

Please check the relevant (Masters and/or Research) funding tables. If there is no funding applicable to you in those tables, please refer to our other sources of funding pages for additional sources.

These funding tables are updated regularly and new funding opportunities advertisements are added as and when each scholarship/funding award is available. Please check the website often to ensure that you are aware of any new funding.

The funding tables show both the currently available funding and the funding where deadlines have passed and the funding opportunity has closed. The ‘status’ column on the table will provide further details.

The scholarship cycle for each academic year is usually busiest 9-12 months before the start of the LSHTM academic year; however, applicants should be aware that some scholarship deadlines are earlier than this.

We also recommend that you contact your home country's Ministry of Education or Education Department, who should have details of available funding schemes. They should also be able to advise you of your own government's conditions for studying abroad.

Am I eligible to apply for a particular scholarship?

Specific eligibility requirements for each scholarship can be found within their individual advertisements.

Individual scholarship advertisements can be found by following the links in our funding tables.

Please note, if you do not meet the scholarship eligibility requirements, your application for a scholarship is likely to be rejected.

The advertisement states that the funding is available for those with a Home/EU fee status only. As an Overseas applicant, am I able to apply and fund the difference myself or from a different source?

The advertisement will state whether this is acceptable or not.

If a requirement of the scholarship is that the applicant must have Home/EU fee status, then those applicants classified as Overseas (for fee status purposes) should not apply, as their application will be rejected.

However, if the advertisement states that the funding is available to all applicants, but the award total is only equivalent to the Home/EU tuition fee rate, Overseas applicants may apply. However, if their application is successful, they must cover the difference in tuition fees from their own funding. 

What will my fee status be?

Your fee status is determined in accordance with LSHTM's Fee Assessment Policy and regulations defined by the UK Government. If you believe your fee status is incorrect, please consult the UKCISA website initially for free, independent guidance on how fee statuses are assessed in the United Kingdom.

After reading the UKCISA guidelines, if you still believe that you have been given an incorrect fee status you should contact the Admissions team who will be able to investigate your case and provide further advice.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Each scholarship advertisement will set out the application process for individual scholarships. Please ensure that you read all of the the details of the advertisement. Occasionally, you may be required to visit the funder’s website for further information.

Do I need to apply to a programme of study before I apply for funding?

Applicants are required to submit an application to study at LSHTM before applying for funding opportunities.

None of the scholarships in the funding tables are suitable. Is any other funding available?

The funding tables show only those scholarships that are available directly through LSHTM. However, there are many sources of funding not linked to LSHTM, which we do not advertised on our funding pages.

We encourage students to actively search for scholarships and bursaries offered by charities, government agencies, companies and individual benefactors. Please use our Other Sources of Funding page as a starting point for your search and remember that new funding options are added to the table during academic session, so please ensure you review this page on a regular basis.

Can I discuss funding opportunities with the Scholarships team?

All of LSHTMl's available funding opportunities are advertised in the funding tables on our website. However, should you have any additional queries, please feel free to contact our Scholarships team:

When should I start looking for funding?

We encourage all applicants to start looking for funding as soon as you decide to apply to LSHTM, as many scholarships have early application deadlines (these are different to LSHTM's programme application deadlines). You will also need to allow some time to compile all of the requisite supporting documents that may need to be submitted with your funding application.

Please note, a number of scholarships require applicants to hold an Offer of Admission for study at LSHTM at the point of applying for funding. Please check individual funding advertisements to clarify whether this is a requirement.

When is the deadline for scholarships?

LSHTM does not have a single deadline for scholarship applications. Some scholarships may close for applications as early as September (one year before the start of an academic session), whereas others may open and close much later in the admissions cycle.

Please check individual scholarship advertisements via the funding tables to determine scholarship deadlines. 

Please note that stated scholarship deadlines are non-negotiable and strictly adhered to. Applicants who do not submit a complete scholarship application (with all necessary supporting information) by a stated scholarship deadline will not be considered for funding.

Can I have feedback on my scholarship application?

Due to the large number of applications, the Scholarships Team are unable to provide individual feedback to applicants. However, if a scholarship panel requests that feedback is given to individuals, this information will be forwarded to the applicant along with their decision.