Scholarship Online Application FAQs


Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for more than one scholarship. We recommend that you read the eligibility criteria of each scholarship carefully before you apply.

Is there a form so I can see what I will be required to fill in?

Yes, you can download the details of the application form here. Please note that the application must be made via the online scholarship application form. We do not accept applications via email unless this has been clearly specified in the advert.

What do I need to upload with my scholarships application?

All the details of what you will need to upload as part of your online scholarships application will be detailed in the advert. Please read this carefully. We are unable to add documentation to your application once you have submitted it. Please avoid uploading documentation that is additional to the documents listed on the scholarship advert, this may add to the time taken to process your application.

I am having trouble editing the Supplementary Questions Form, what do I do?

The Supplementary Questions Form is only locked in certain areas of the form; you should be able to edit the areas that you are required to fill in. Please make sure you are in ‘enable editing’ mode of Word and that the document is no longer in ‘read only’ mode. Please accept any macros that may appear as a yellow banner at the top of the form and only click on the area that says ‘Click or tap here to enter text’.

The advert says that I do not need to add references but I can’t get past the reference page of the online scholarship application, what do I do?

You will be required to add the details of your referees to the mandatory fields on the reference page of the online scholarship application. If the advert states that your references are taken from your admissions application, these should match the details of the referees that you provided for your online admissions application.

Can I submit documentation via email after I have submitted my online scholarship application?

No, once you have submitted your online scholarship application we are unable to upload additional documentation to it. This includes Supplementary Questions Forms. Your application will be considered on the evidence that was provided at the time of submission. If the scholarship advert details that we require references (separately from your admissions application), your referee can email these directly to

If I forget to upload a document can I submit another application?

Unfortunately, you are only able to submit one application per scholarship. We are able to withdraw applications before or after the scholarship deadline; however this does not mean that you will be able to submit another application for the same scholarship.

I put my Application Reference Number on my online scholarships application instead of my Student Number, what do I do?

Please email stating the name of the scholarship/s you have applied for, your Application Reference Number and your Student Number and explain that you wish for us to amend our records.

Where can I find out whether I am eligible for a scholarship?

Each scholarship advert will list the individual eligibility criteria for that scholarship. Please read these carefully before submitting an application.

What do I do if I don’t yet have proof of English Language?

Please read the scholarship advert carefully. Some scholarships may require you to have met the School’s English Language minimum requirement at the point at which you apply for the scholarship. Other scholarships may require you to meet these requirements by the date set by Admissions should you be made an offer of admission. Details of the ways in which you can meet the School’s English Language requirements can be found here:

I am not eligible for any funding on your funding tables, what can I do?

We have published a comprehensive list of other sources of funding that may be available to eligible candidates on the following page:

I am looking for details on scholarships for your Distance Learning courses, where can I find this?

Any distance learning funding that is available is advertised on the Masters funding table. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please email the distance learning team for details of these on

Do the scholarship opportunities change throughout the year?

Yes, as and when funding becomes available we add it to the scholarship funding pages. Therefore we recommend that you check these regularly. The majority of Masters scholarships are advertised around September to December. PhD scholarships are advertised throughout the year.

I’m having technical issues with the online application form, what do I do?

Please send an email to our IT team at Please include your name, a brief description of your issue and a screenshot.

When I will receive a decision about my scholarship?

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the result by email. Please do not email us prior to the deadline for application for the scholarship asking for an update. There are multiple administrative stages after the scholarship deadline, we will not respond to emails requesting updates on scholarship application. If you have not received any correspondence from us by the end of May, please contact us at