Intensive Master's Admissions FAQs

1 - Applying to LSHTM

How do I apply?

All applicants should apply online using our online Applicant Portal. Once you have carefully researched your chosen programme(s), please read through our online application guidance notes, which contain useful guidance on how to complete the application form and the supporting documents that will need to be submitted. 

Is there an application fee?

A standard non-refundable application fee of £50 applies to all taught Master’s degree programmes and is payable upon application submission. Income generated from the application fee is shared between scholarships and student hardship fund.

Can I request an application fee waiver?

To request an application fee waiver, please email If the programme you are applying to has a closing date approaching you must ensure that you contact the Admissions team no later than two weeks before this date.

Is there a deadline for applications?

Yes, please see the "How to Apply" tab for your programme of choice or check the pages "Applying for a master's degree in London" on our website.

What constitutes a complete application?

A complete application must have all the mandatory fields filled in on the application form, all mandatory documents must have been provided (please see application form guidance notes for a list of these) and at least one of your references must have been received.

Please note, we will not be able to consider your application until it is complete.

If any of this information is missing or incomplete, our Admissions team will contact you via email specifying the information that is missing from your application, how to send it to us and the time frame in which you have to provide it.

Please note, we will not be able to consider incomplete applications. If we do not receive the requested information within the specified time frame we may withdraw your application. If you cannot provide your documents in the specified timeframe, please contact

I’ve received an email explaining that my application is on hold, what does that mean?

If you have received an email from our Admissions team stating that your application has been put on hold, please read the details of this email carefully as this will specify the reason why it is on hold and information on the items that are missing from your application, how to send it to us and the time frame in which you have to provide it.

Please note, we will not be able to consider incomplete applications. If we do not receive the requested information within the specified time frame we may withdraw your application.

Can I study part-time?

Please visit our Ways to Study page, which lists all of our programmes by their valid mode of study. Please note, students studying on a Student visa are not permitted to study on a part-time basis.

Can I apply for more than one MSc programme?

You may be considered for a maximum of two MSc programmes per admissions cycle. Both choices must be listed in one application; please do not submit two separate applications.

Please note, if you are made an Offer of Admission for your first choice, your application will not be considered for your second choice, unless you decline this Offer of Admission.

Do you offer student transfers? 

We do not offer places for students who transfer from a different programme or other institution. 

When do programmes start?

Registration for MSc programmes occurs once a year, normally in September. Offer of Admission letters will confirm official programme start dates. We do not offer alternative start dates. View term dates.

Please see details on application deadlines for further information about when to apply.

How should I submit my references?

As part of the online application process, you will be asked to provide two referee contact details. Once you submit your online application, an automated email will be sent to your referees with a link to an online form. The form must be completed, or alternatively a reference document can be uploaded as a PDF file. This must be signed, dated within the last 12 months, and on headed paper to prove affiliation with their institution or company. The letter can be sent directly via email to if the referee prefers.

We do not accept personal email addresses for referees. You will not be able to submit an application without official email addresses provided for both referees.

The Admissions team will contact applicants once their referees have submitted a reference. We strongly advise that you contact your referees prior to submitting your application to LSHTM in order to ensure that they are happy to provide a reference to support for your application. Please also make them aware that we will be contacting them directly via email.

Can I submit two academic references?

If you do not have any work experience, you may provide contact details of two academic referees.

Can I submit an application before I have taken an English language test?


However, please note, if you submit an application prior to taking an English language test and are subsequently made an Offer of Admission, we will specify this as a condition of your offer, along with a deadline as to when we will require the results of your test.

We encourage applicants to make preparations to take an English language test as soon as they can.

Full details regarding LSHTM's minimum English language entry requirements can be found in LSHTM's general entry requirements.

I have an overseas qualification – how do I know if it is equivalent to a 2:2 UK Bachelors honours degree?

Once you have submitted your application, the Admissions team will assess your qualifications using the UK ENIC database or the UK General Medical Council’s criteria for acceptable overseas qualifications.

If your qualification does not meet LSHTM's minimum entry requirements, but you have relevant professional experience, you still may be made an Offer of Admission – your application will be considered as a ‘special case’, which will be reviewed by the relevant Taught Programme Director.

Are my qualifications and/or work experience suitable?

Please contact the Admissions team for advice as to the suitability of your qualifications. Please ensure that you include full details of your qualification, including the full, untranslated title and awarding institution, as well as information about the programme content and assessment structure. This will help us respond to your query efficiently.

If you are unsure whether your work experience or academic qualifications are suitable, you should contact the relevant MSc Programme Director who will be able to discuss this with you further. Programme Director contact details can be found on the individual programme pages in the Study section of the website.

Will I be interviewed?

Some Academic Assessors may choose to interview applicants as part of the admissions assessment process. Applicants will be contacted directly if an interview is required.

How do I apply for Distance Learning programmes?

Information on applying for LSHTM’s Distance Learning programmes can be found in the Distance Learning section of our website.

Queries on how to apply should be directed to the University of London team, who administer the admissions process for all of our Distance Learning programmes.

Who can I discuss my disability with for confidential advice prior to applying?

LSHTM welcomes applications from students with disabilities and will always try to accommodate support needs.

We recommend that applicants requiring advice and/or support prior to applying to LSHTM contact the Student Advice team for confidential advice prior to submitting their application to LSHTM.

Applicants are also advised to visit our Disability Support webpages for further information about the support LSHTM offers.

Can I visit LSHTM prior to submitting my application or registering?

Applicants wishing to visit LSHTM or speak with a current student can find helpful information on how to do so in the Visit Us section.

Alternatively, please contact the Study team if you have any further questions about visiting us.

Does LSHTM have a policy regarding Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Yes, please see LSHTM's Recognition of Prior Learning policy for further information.

What is LSHTM doing to enable students to apply for disadvantaged backgrounds?

LSHTM uses a contextualised admissions system that encourages staff to consider the challenges prospective students have overcome during their education. Students can outline and explore these barriers in the ‘Education’ section of their application. More information on Access and Widening Participation.

2 - After you apply

How long will it take for a decision on my application?

LSHTM aims to provide MSc applicants with a decision on complete applications within six weeks. Please note, the stated time frames are indicative only and on some occasions applications may take longer than specified. The Admissions team will endeavour to contact applicants if there is a significant delay in reaching a decision on their application.

What is the difference between a conditional and unconditional offer?

If an application is successful, applicants will be made a Conditional Offer of Admission.

A Conditional Offer of Admission means that there are outstanding requirements that need to be met before an applicant will be permitted to register onto their chosen programme of study. For example, payment of the tuition fee deposit, meeting a certain English language score, or achieving a minimum overall grade/classification in their current studies. All outstanding conditions will be clearly defined in the Offer of Admission, including the date by which they must be met.

Once all conditions have been fulfilled, an Unconditional Offer of Admission will be issued. This means that there are no further requirements that need to be met. 

Please note, applicants who are also applying for a Student visa will need to meet all offer conditions before we are able to issue them with a CAS. 

What are the main reasons for an application to be unsuccessful?

Due to the high volume of applications received, LSHTM is unable to provide individual feedback on why an application has been unsuccessful. However, a brief outline is normally provided in the rejection notification email. We have compiled a Feedback Information Sheet on the most common reasons why an application could be unsuccessful.

I’ve received an Offer of Admission, but I would like to be considered for my second programme choice. What should I do?

Applicants are advised to decline the Offer of Admission to their first programme choice in order for their application to be considered for their second choice.

Please note, once an Offer of Admission has been declined the place may be filled by another applicant, so please make sure to consider your options carefully. If you would like to discuss your options further please contact the Admissions team or the relevant Programme Director(s) in the first instance.

Do I need to send original documents?

If you have been made an Offer of Admission, your offer will clearly detail the documents that you are required to present to the Admissions team. We accept the following formats as evidence of qualifications:

• An electronic transcript provided by a secure third-party link shared with via an approved electronic verification system, such as Digitary or Parchment.

• A PDF transcript sent from an official institution email address directly to by a suitable department or staff member, such as Registry or School Office.

• A formal letter sent from an official institution email address directly to by a suitable department or staff member (such as Registry or School Office). The letter should be on headed paper and must confirm your course, results and years of study, as well as why the institution cannot provide a transcript.

Please do not post any documents to LSHTM until further notice.

When do I need to meet offer conditions by?

Please refer to your Offer of Admission which will specify a date by which you are required to meet offer conditions.       

When do I need to pay the tuition fee deposit?

If you have been made an offer of admission to study one of our London-based MSc programmes, you will be required within this period to pay a deposit of £500 towards your tuition fees, which becomes payable upon acceptance, in order to secure your place. Details of how to pay will be provided with your offer of admission. 

I have a scholarship / I am being sponsored - do I need to pay the tuition fee deposit?

If you are in receipt of a full tuition scholarship or if you are being sponsored to study at LSHTM by an LSHTM-recognised sponsor, you will not be required to pay the tuition fee deposit. You will need to provide appropriate evidence of your scholarship or sponsorship to the Admissions Team before the deposit payment deadline in order for payment of the deposit to be waived. 

I believe that my fee status classification may be incorrect, what should I do?

Your fee status is determined in accordance with LSHTM's Fee Assessment Policy and regulations defined by the UK Government. If you believe your fee status is incorrect, please consult the UKCISA website initially for free, independent guidance on how fee statuses are assessed in the United Kingdom.

After reading the UKCISA guidelines, if you still believe that you have been given an incorrect fee status you should contact the Admissions team who will be able to investigate your case and provide further advice.

I’ve met the conditions of my Offer of Admission, what should I do next?

Once you have accepted your Offer of Admission and met all of the conditions, you will be issued with an Unconditional Offer of Admission. Please see the definitions above for further information.

 I need a Student visa to study at LSHTM, how do I get my CAS?

Applicants are advised to complete a CAS Request Form from the immigration and visa section of our website. If you are applying from outside the UK you can apply for a Student visa up to six months before you start your study. If you are applying from inside the UK you can apply up to three months before your course start date. Please note, you must submit your CAS request form no later than six weeks before your start date.

Please note, applicants who require a Student Visa will need to meet all offer conditions before we are able to issue a CAS.

We strongly advise applicants to read through our immigration and visa webpages, as these contain lots of useful information to support the visa and CAS application processes.

I would like to withdraw my application, how do I do this?

If you wish to withdraw your application, please contact the Admissions team, who will then update your application response accordingly.

Can I defer my offer of admission?

Deferral of an Offer of Admission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness, accident or bereavement, and for one academic year only. Lack of funding, work commitments or difficulties relocating to London are not considered compelling reasons to grant a deferral. Where a deferral is permitted, the deposit paid will be carried forward to the next year.

3 - Induction & registration

Will there be an Orientation Programme?

Once an applicant has met all of their conditions and been made an Unconditional Offer of Admission, they will be sent a unique link to the LSHTM's Online Registration Portal in early September and provided with details regarding LSHTM’s registration requirements and the Orientation Programme.

Information on programme specific orientation timetables will be provided on relevant programme information pages in the New Students section of the website in September.