London-based MSc admissions FAQs

1 - Applying to the School

How do I apply?

We encourage all applicants to apply online through our Applicant Portal. Once you have carefully researched your chosen programme(s) of study, please read through our online application guidance notes which contains useful guidance on how to complete the application form and which supporting documents you will need to submit. If you do not have regular internet access paper application forms are available upon request and will normally incur an administration fee of £50.

Is there a deadline for applications?

MSc Programmes: The final closing dates for taught Master’s programme applications is as follows:

1st August 2017 by 23:59 British Summer Time (BST) for international applicants requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa, and

22nd August 2017 by 23:59 British Summer Time (BST) for applicants not requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa.

We recommend that you submit applications as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Programmes may close after an application has been received but before an application has been considered.

PhD Programmes: Registration for MPhil and PhD programmes takes place at three entry points throughout the academic year only. These are on the first day of each academic term. 

The corresponding application deadlines for each registration entry point are as follows:

9th January 2017 entry – 21st November by 23:59 GMT

24th April 2017 entry- 13th March 2017 by 23:59 GMT

28th September 2017 1st August 2017 by 23:59 British Summer Time (BST) for international applicants requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa, and 22nd August 2017 by 23:59 British Summer Time (BST) for applicants not requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa.

Please note, applications submitted after the advertised dates will be considered for the subsequent term's registration entry point. Additionally, the above deadlines are indicative of the minimum timeframe required to process a complete research degree application from start to finish and do not guarantee entry at the next registration entry point. The majority of applications will take considerably longer than this. If registering on a particular date is important to you then please apply as far in advance as possible.


What constitutes a complete application?

A complete application must have all the mandatory fields filled in on the application form, all mandatory documents have been provided (please see application form guidance notes for a list of these) and your references have been received. We will not be able to consider your application until it is complete. If we notice we are missing any of this information we will get in contact with you by email specifying the information that is missing from your application, how to send it to us and the time frame in which you have to provide it. Please note, we will not be able to consider your application until you have provided the requested information or documents. If we do not receive the requested information within the specified time frame we may withdraw your application.

I’ve received an email explaining that my application is on hold, what does that mean?

If you have received an email from us stating that your application has been put on hold, please read the details of this email carefully as it will specify the information that is missing from your application, how to send it to us and the time frame in which you have to provide it. Please note, we will not be able to consider your application until you have provided the requested information or documents. If we do not receive the requested information within the specified time frame we may withdraw your application.

Can I study part-time?

Our programme webpages will indicate if a programme can be studied on a part-time basis. Alternatively, please visit our Mode of Study Information webpage which lists all of our programmes by mode of study. Please note that international students are subject to Tier 4 visa regulations, which normally prevent part-time study.

Can I apply for more than one MSc course?

You may apply for a maximum of two MSc programmes per admissions cycle. Your application will be considered sequentially so it is important to list your programme choices in order of preference. Please note, if you are made an Offer of Admission for your first choice, your application will not be considered for your second choice, unless you decline this Offer of Admission.

When do courses start?

MSc courses have one intake in the September of each year. If you are successful in obtaining an offer of study, the course start date will be included on your offer letter.   Registration for MPhil and PhD programmes takes place at three points in the academic year only, on the first day of each term. The entry points are normally in September, January and April. Find out what are the School's term dates.

How should I submit my references?

As part of the online application process you will be asked to provide referee contact details. Once you submit your application, an automated email will be sent to your referees with an online form for them to complete. We will let you know once your referees have submitted their reference. We strongly advise that you contact your referees prior to submitting your application to ensure that they are happy to provide a reference to support your application and to make them aware that we will be contacting them directly via email.

Can I submit two academic references?

If you do not have any work experience, or feel that it is irrelevant in supporting your application, you may provide contact details of two academic referees.

Can I submit an application before I have taken an English Language test?

Yes. However, please note, if you submit an application prior to taking an English language test and are subsequently made an Offer of Admission, we will specify this as a condition of your offer, along with a deadline as to when we will require the results of your test. We encourage applicants to make preparations to take an English language test as soon as they can.

I have an overseas qualification – how do I know if it is equivalent to a 2:2 UK Bachelors honours degree?

Once you have submitted your application, the School’s Admissions team will assess your qualifications using the UK NARIC database. If your qualification is not equivalent to a UK Bachelor 2.2 honours degree but you have relevant professional experience, you still may be made an Offer of Admission – your application will be considered as a ‘special case’ which will be reviewed by the relevant Programme Director and the Taught Programme Director.

Are my qualifications and/or work experience suitable?

Please contact the Admissions team for advice as to the suitability of your qualifications. Please ensure that you include details of your qualification, including its full title and awarding institution, as well as information about the programme content and assessment structure. This will help us respond to your query efficiently.

If you are unsure whether your work experience or academic qualifications are suitable, you should contact the relevant Programme Director who will discuss this with you further. Programme Director contact details can be found on the individual programme pages in the Study section of the website.

Will I be interviewed?

Some programmes may choose to interview applicants as part of the admissions assessment process. Applicants will be contacted directly if an interview is required.

How do I apply for Distance Learning courses?

Information on applying for the School’s distance learning programmes can be found in the Distance Learning section of our website. Queries on how to apply should be directed to the University of London  who administer the admissions process for all of our distance learning programmes.

Who can I discuss my disability with for confidential advice prior to applying?

The School welcomes applications from students with disabilities and will always try to offer assistance to accommodate needs that may arise. We recommend that applicants with a disability contact the School’s Student Advice team for confidential advice prior to submitting their application to the School. Applicants are also advised to visit our Disability Support webpages for further information about the support the School offers.

Can I visit the School prior to submitting my application or registering?

Applicants wishing to visit the School, take a virtual tour or speak with a current student can find helpful information on how to do so in the Visit Us section of the School’s website. Alternatively, please contact the Study team if you have any further questions about visiting us.

Does the School have a policy regarding consideration of accredited prior learning (APL)?

Yes, please see the School's Accreditation of Prior LSHTM Learning Procedure for further information.

2 - After you apply

How long will it take for a decision on my application?

Providing an application submission is complete, in accordance with our Application Guidance, including two references, applicants should receive a decision within six weeks for an MSc programme and three months for research degree programmes. Please note, the stated time frames are indicative only and on some occasions applications may take longer than specified. The Admissions team will endeavour to contact applicants if there is a significant delay in reaching a decision on their application.

What is the different between a conditional and unconditional offer?

If an application is successful, applicants will be made either a Conditional or Unconditional Offer of Admission.

A Conditional Offer of Admission means that there are outstanding requirements that need to be met before an applicant can register onto their programme. For example, meeting a certain English language score, or achieving a minimum grade in their current studies. All outstanding conditions will be clearly set out on the Offer of Admission, including the date by which they must be met.

An Unconditional Offer of Admission means that there are no further requirements that need to be met. Applicants in receipt of an Offer of Admission are only required to confirm if they wish to accept or decline their place at the School.

Please note, applicants who are also applying for a Tier 4 Student visa will need to hold an Unconditional Offer of Admission before we are able to issue them with a CAS.

What are the main reasons for an application to be unsuccessful?

Due to the high volume of applications received, the School is unable to provide individual feedback on why an application has been unsuccessful. However, a brief outline is normally provided in the Rejection email. We have compiled a Feedback Information Sheet on the most common reasons why an application could be unsuccessful.

I’ve received an offer of admission, but I would like to be considered for one of my other course choices. What should I do?

Applicants are advised to decline their Offer of Admission to their first programme choice in order for their application to be considered for their second choice. Please note, once an Offer of Admission is declined the place may be filled by another applicant, so please make sure you consider your options carefully. If you would like to discuss your options further please contact the Admissions team or the relevant Programme Director(s) in the first instance.

Do I need to send original documents?

If you have been made an Offer of Admission, your offer will clearly detail the original documents you need to present to the Registry. This may include academic qualifications (either the original award certificate or original academic transcript) and an English language test certificate, if applicable. Please note, if your award certificate or academic transcript are not in English, you must also provide original certified translations of these documents.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept certified or scanned copies of original documents. Original award certificates and academic transcripts will be kept securely and returned to applicants upon registration unless you have requested to have them sent back to you by post.  International students who require a Tier 4 Student visa will be sent their original documents by courier as soon as we are able.

When are my original documents required by?

The Offer of Admission will specify a date by which an applicant is required to provide their documents. We strongly encourage applicants to send their documents to the Registry as soon as possible. This will ensure that the registration process can be completed efficiently. Please note, applicants will not be able to register onto their chosen programme until all required documentation have been provided.

Applicants who are applying for a Tier 4 Student visa will need to submit original documents to our Admissions team well in advance of their programme start date to ensure sufficient time is available to complete the visa application process.  Applicants requiring a CAS for a Tier 4 Student visa are also required to send their financial evidence with the CAS request form. Full details of requirements can be found in the immigration and visa section of our website.

I believe my fee status classification may be incorrect, what should I do?

If you believe your fee status is incorrect, please consult the UKCISA website for free, independent guidance on how fee statuses are assessed in the United Kingdom:

If, after reading the UKCISA guidelines, you still believe that you have been given an incorrect fee status you should contact the Admissions team who will be able to investigate and advise you further.

I’ve met the conditions of my Offer of Admissions, what should I do next?

Once an applicant has accepted and met all of the conditions of their Offer of Admission, they will be issued with an Unconditional Offer of Admission. Please see the definition above for further information.

I will need a Tier 4 Visa to study at the School, how do I get my CAS?

Applicants are able to download and complete a CAS Request Form via our website when we open for requests on 26th June 2017 until we close on 4th September 2017. Please note, applicants who require a Tier 4 Student visa will need to hold an Unconditional Offer of Admission before we are able to issue them with a CAS. Please ensure that you send any required original documentation in good time.

We strongly advise applicants to read through our UK Immigration and Visa webpages, as these contain lots of useful information to support the visa application process.

I would like to withdraw my application, how do I do this?

Applicants wishing to withdraw their application should contact the Admissions team, who will then update their application.

Can I defer my offer of admission?

Applicants holding an Offer of Admission whose circumstances change meaning they are unable to take up their place can request to defer this for up to one academic year only. Applicants are advised to contact the Admissions team with their request to defer and reasons for the request, who will then update their application.

3 - Induction & registration

Will there be an Orientation Programme?

Once an applicant has met all of their conditions and been made an Unconditional Offer of Admission, they will be sent a Registration Form in September and provided with details the School’s Orientation Programme and registration requirements.

The School also runs an International Students Welcome event in September, prior to the Orientation Programme, where all students, including those from the UK, are invited to commence orientation activities. This event provides a great opportunity to meet fellow new students and find out more about the School. Please check out our International Students Welcome webpage for updates and further details.

Information on programme specific orientation timetables will be provided on relevant programme information pages in the New Students section of the website over the summer.