Fig 2 in Davies et al., Science 2021

COVID-19 pandemic response

Many in CMMID have been working on the COVID-19 pandemic response. Take an in-depth look and keep up to date with our outputs on the pandemic so far.

Example: increased transmissibility of B.1.1.7 (Davies et al., Science 2021)

COVID-19 theme
Fig 2 Abbas et al 2020

The impact of vaccines

Vaccine modelling is central to CMMID activities. We use modelling to assess vaccine impacts or identify optimal vaccination strategies.

Example: Benefits and risks of routine vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic (Abbas et al., Lancet Global Health 2020 )

Vaccine theme
Fig 3 Colón-González et al. 2021

Disease spread via vectors 

Predicting vector borne diseases transmission often requires inclusion of detailed heterogeneity in space and time and inclusion of climate and its projected change.

Example: Dengue forecasting in Vietnam (Colón-González et al., PLoS Med 2021)

Vector borne diseases theme
Logo of the European Forecast hub

Evidence synthesis in real-time

CMMID members regularly provide real-time analysis of infectious disease outbreaks in collaboration with partners such as the WHO, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) or the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team

Example: the European Covid-19 Forecast Hub (run by CMMID and ECDC, 2021)

Real-time outbreak analyses theme
Fig 1 of Knight et al., 2019

How to end TB?

We use mathematical models to estimate the burden of TB and evaluate strategies designed to help achieve global TB elimination. 

Example: Global TB burden estimates (Knight et al., Lancet ID 2019)

Tuberculosis theme
Fig 1 of Villabonas-Areanas et al., Science 2021

Pathogen evolution to understand transmission

Our work aims to capture evolutionary dynamics to guide intervention design for public health as well as to understand the nature of infectious disease spread.

Example: Sourcing HIV-1 infection (Villabona-Arenas et al., Science 2021)

Evolutionary dynamics theme

The Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases (CMMID) is a multidisciplinary grouping of more than 150 epidemiologists, mathematicians, economists, statisticians and clinicians from across LSHTM.

Illustration of COVID-19

Illustration of COVID-19

Research themes

Within CMMID there are several research themes, which bring together researchers across the School working on similar modelling topics. Find out more about our research themes here.

Research Themes
Science related vectors including microscope and atom



CMMID provides a number of resources to its members and the modeling community. Such include CMMID led courses, career opportunities, conferences, an events calendar and public outreach activities


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