Our mathematical modellers have been mapping the virus since the earliest days of the outbreak. Their insights into patterns of transmission, behavioural response and control measures have been informing the global response to COVID-19.

With data and analysis open to collaborators globally, our work helps assess how many hospital beds will be needed, the stress on healthcare systems and how regional and national communities can prepare.

Take an in-depth look and keep up to date with our outputs on the pandemic so far at the CMMID repository.

CMMID COVID-19 repository

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LSHTM Viral podcasts

Using mathematics to help control COVID-19

Dr Adam Kucharski talks us through mathematical modelling – what it is and its crucial role during disease outbreaks like the novel coronavirus. He also explores the implications of using certain language during outbreaks, and answers a question from one of our listeners.

Changing the way we live to fight COVID-19

The UK's response to COVID-19 has dramatically changed in recent days. Dr. Adam Kucharski, outbreak modeller from LSHTM is working to provide robust scientific evidence for the government and other decision-makers. Adam talks us through the evidence behind the government's response at this time, and shares his thoughts about the outbreak and it’s social impacts long-term.