What we do

The focus of the Vaccination theme is to develop vaccine impact models to understand the immunological, epidemiological, and economic dynamics of vaccination, and generate evidence to inform vaccine policy and practice at the global, regional, and national levels. 

The research portfolio includes:

  • Optimising vaccination strategies for control and elimination of immunizing infections
  • Immune response dynamics pre- and post-vaccination
  • Epidemiological and economic impact of vaccination programmes
  • Global, regional, and country-specific decisions about vaccination
  • Inform potential future investments and vaccine scale-up opportunities
  • Impact of vaccines on antimicrobial resistance

Modellers here work closely with a multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in vaccines, including epidemiologists, biostatisticians, social science researchers, computer scientists, and clinicians. We welcome collaborations related to vaccine modelling, and you are welcome to directly contact the members.

Most members are also part of the Modelling and Economic Evaluation of Vaccines group and meet on a monthly basis, 1st Mondays 1130 - 1230 hours, and all interested are welcome to attend (email Yang Liu to be added to the monthly meeting announcements).


The potential health and economic value of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination alongside physical distancing in the UK: a transmission model-based future scenario analysis and economic evaluation

Health and economic impact of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in the UK

Estimating the health impact of vaccination against ten pathogens in 98 low-income and middle-income countries from 2000 to 2030: a modelling study

Estimates of deaths averted by vaccination in 98 countries


Petra Klepac

Petra Klepac

Theme lead

Kaja Abbas

Theme lead