Programme specifications

Programme specifications summarise the intended learning outcomes of individual programmes of study, whilst also giving further information about both the actual programme itself and about studying at LSHTM. They are designed to not only help prospective students decide whether to study on a particular course, but also to aid External Examiners to judge whether students have met the specific requirements for an award or not.

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Intensive MSc programme specifications 2021/22

Please ensure you check your programme specification carefully, especially:

  • Mode of delivery, as this will provide further information on teaching plans for the academic year 2021/22 
  • Programme structure, as both module choice and module availability may change for the academic year 2021/22

Below is a list of our 2021/22 programme specifications:

Intensive MSc programme specifications 2020/21

These 2020/21 programme specifications have been updated to reflect the LSHTM’s contingency planning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Programme information for collaborative provision MSc programmes


Doctorate in Public Health

Joint PhD Programme in Global Health

PhD by Prior Publication

Professional Certificates and Diplomas