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LSHTM Academic Manual 2023-24

The LSHTM Academic Manual brings together all the academic regulations and procedures which constitute LSHTM’s framework for quality and standards for credit-bearing taught provision, research degrees and special programmes.

The Academic Manual is maintained by the Quality and Academic Standards Office on behalf of Senate. It consists of 11 chapters, all of which are reviewed annually and published before the start of each academic year. With the exception of minor editorial changes (e.g. typos, formatting and spelling or grammatical corrections), all revisions and amendments are approved by Senate having been previously considered by the relevant committee/s.

Staff and students are expected to consult the Academic Manual in the first instance for any queries relating to regulatory matters.

Chapter 1: Quality assurance context and principles

Chapter 1: Quality assurance context and principles (pdf)

Outlines LSHTM’s overall approach to and aims of the assurance and enhancement of academic quality and standards. Further describes the role of key academic and professional services staff in quality assurance and enhancement.

Chapter 2: Qualifications and taught credit framework

Chapter 2: Qualifications and taught credit framework (pdf)

  • Includes:
    • MSc award scheme
    • Programme structure

Outlines the underpinning structures of taught and research qualifications at LSHTM, including award schemes.

Chapter 3: Programme and module management, monitoring and evaluation

Chapter 3: Programme and module management monitoring and evaluation (pdf)

  • Includes
    • Course approval, suspension and termination policy and procedures
    • Programme and module amendments policy
    • Periodic review process

Outlines the processes of development, amendment and approval of programmes and modules (validation); the suspension and discontinuation of programmes and modules; annual monitoring of programmes and modules; and the periodic review of existing programmes and modules (revalidation).

Chapter 4: Accreditation

Chapter 4: Accreditation (pdf)

Outlines procedures for accreditation and re-accreditation of credit-bearing modules, programmes and special programmes by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).

Please also see LSHTM’s accreditation register.

Chapter 5: External expertise

Chapter 5: External expertise (pdf)

Outlines LSHTM’s use of external expertise, including external examiners, external reviewers, external advisors and the alumni voice.

Chapter 6: Collaborative provision

Chapter 6: Collaborative provision (pdf)

Outlines LSHTM’s processes for developing, delivering and monitoring collaborative provision delivered in partnership with external organisations.

Please also see LSHTM’s collaborative provision register (pdf).

Chapter 7: Academic regulations

Chapter 7: Academic regulations (pdf)

  • Includes
    • Academic integrity (assessment irregularities) policy
    • Special assessment arrangements policy
    • Extenuating circumstances policy
    • Interruption of studies and withdrawal policy
    • Termination of studies policy
    • Academic appeals policy and procedure

Regulations governing all programmes of study, including interruption, withdrawal, termination, extenuating circumstances, special assessment arrangements, academic misconduct and assessment irregularities, student appeals, student complaints and student discipline.

Chapter 8: Postgraduate taught degree academic regulations

Chapter 8a: Intensive Postgraduate Taught Degree Academic Regulations (pdf)

  • Includes
    • MSc award scheme
    • Module moderation policy
    • Resits policy

Chapter 8b: Distance learning postgraduate taught degree academic regulations (pdf)

  • Includes
    • Distance learning assessment and award scheme
    • Module moderation policy
    • Resits policy

Regulations governing postgraduate taught programmes at level 7 of the FHEQ (i.e. MSc) and LSHTM professional diplomas (special programmes), including admission, assessment, moderation processes, exam board processes, resits, progression requirements and consideration for awards.

Further programme-specific regulations at Level 7 include:

Chapter 9: Research degree academic regulations

Chapter 9: Research degree academic regulations (pdf)

Regulations governing research programmes at level 7 of the FHEQ (i.e. MPhil) and programmes at level 8 of the FHEQ (i.e. PhD and DrPH), including admission, registration, supervisory arrangements, progression requirements, assessment and consideration for awards.

The following documentation is relevant to the research degree academic regulations:

Chapter 10: Academic governance

Chapter 10: Academic governance (pdf)

Membership and terms of reference for standing committees responsible for the academic governance of LSHTM.

Chapter 11: Glossary

Chapter 11: Glossary (pdf)

If you have any queries regarding these chapters, please contact

In addition to the regulations, LSHTM maintains a comprehensive list of policies, procedures, forms, templates and other documents on the regulatory documents page.

Suspension of regulations

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to suspend the regulations temporary for one or more students. Suspension of regulations (pdf) outlines how requests for the suspension of academic regulations are submitted and considered.

To submit requests for the suspension of academic regulations please use the suspension of regulations form (doc).

Archived academic regulations

Academic regulations for previous years