Collaborative provision

In recent years LSHTM has expanded its portfolio of collaborative courses and programmes delivered with partner institutions and bodies. These partners include other colleges of the University of London, universities in the UK and overseas and other bodies (for example research centres). 

Collaborative provision register

The Collaborative Provision Register (pdf) lists courses and programmes that LSHTM runs with its partners.

A further Quality Assurance Schedule describes the split of responsibilities for distance learning courses between LSHTM and the University of London Worldwide.

Process of approval and renewal for collaborative provision

All collaborative provision must be approved according to the procedures outlined in Chapter 6 of the LSHTM Academic Manual, which sets out the processes and procedures for establishing and managing courses, programmes and modules delivered with partners. The following templates and forms will need to be completed as part of this process.

Staff are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean of Education (Quality, Academic Standards & Collaborative Provision) or the Quality & Academic Standards office at the early stages of the process of identifying and designing academic collaborative provision, or to discuss the management of existing collaborative provision courses or programmes.

Annual monitoring for collaborative provision

Collaborative courses, programmes and modules are subject to the same quality assurance processes and guidelines as the rest of LSHTM’s provision, including annual monitoring and periodic review. These processes will be carried out as defined by the partnership's Memorandum of Agreement.

Regulations on collaborative provision

Chapter 6 of the LSHTM Academic Manual contains LSHTM’s regulations relating to collaborative provision.