Professional accreditation is the official recognition awarded by an external professional or statutory body as the result of institutions meeting specific standards or criteria.

Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) accreditation usually entails an inspection of provision, either through a visit involving relevant programme and Faculty staff and PSRB representatives or through scrutiny of programme documentation. It is often given for a specific time period, after which there has to be further inspection to retain the accreditation/recognition/approval. LSHTM encourages Faculties to seek and maintain appropriate PSRB accreditation or similar recognition for its programmes of study.

Accreditation register

The Accreditation Register (pdf) lists LSHTM modules, courses and programmes that are specifically accredited by external bodies.

Accreditation process

Chapter 4 of the LSHTM Academic Manual outlines LSHTM's procedures for approving, maintaining and renewing accreditation.