Education without barriers

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine prepares bright, dedicated people to tackle health issues affecting millions around the world. Our graduates drive the discovery and implementation of big and important ideas. They go on to become public health leaders, medical practitioners and researchers at the forefront of global institutions driving change in the world.

“LSHTM brought together everything I was looking for in an academic institution for training in public health: excellent professors at the forefront of their fields, a strong global health focus and connections with the friends I will probably keep bumping into during my future career.”

Yassen, MSc Public Health

The rising cost of education and the decrease in public funding to the sector, in addition to the international composition of our student body, means we need to support ever more students wishing to pursue careers in global health. To date we have worked closely with our alumni and supporters to create scholarships for deserving students who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of studying at LSHTM. However, we need significantly more funding to ensure that a lack of financial resources and debt burdens do not prevent the very best students from attending LSHTM and contributing to our mission to improve health worldwide.

Esther, a recent scholarship recipient studying MSc Public Health, said: “The scholarship I received means a great deal to me. First, I am able to study in a world class university that otherwise I would not be able to due to my limited financial background. Second, I am able to fully concentrate on my studies and also maximise on the opportunities provided by LSHTM. This scholarship has made my dreams come true.

“Once again thank you very much for your remarkable kindness which has made a great difference to my life. I would like to assure you that I will strive to give my best in my studies and to work towards being a great future health leader. In turn, I intend to help other students in future to achieve their dreams and to give back to the community. Thank you very much.”

Esther, MSc Public Health

While some individuals and other supporters establish their own scholarship schemes, many alumni who wish to help choose to support the LSHTM Fund. The Fund helps to deliver our mission to improve health worldwide and transform lives. Since 2011, the LSHTM Fund has raised over £800,000 for scholarships, teaching and research.

Picture of a student studying

A growing community of alumni giving what they can, either one-off donations or monthly commitments, build to create a groundswell of support that has huge impact and enables us to support more students. As education gets more expensive, scholarships are a vital way to ensure that the best and brightest are able to study at our School. Students travel from across the world to study at LSHTM, sometimes from the most unimaginable situations. And the results can be life-changing, not only for the students but for the communities and countries they go back to. It is thanks to this generosity that the number of scholarships offered at LSHTM continues to increase from one year to the next. And these exceptional students will of course become LSHTM alumni of the future working to deliver positive change to communities around the globe.  

Chol, a recent MSc Public Health for Development graduate, stated: “After completion of my studies, it is my hope to be able to pay back to my community and the entire civil society in my country. Once again, thank you very much for your generous support. I really appreciate your valuable contribution throughout my studies.”

When asked why they chose to support student scholarships at LSHTM, one of our regular LSHTM Fund donors shared: “I feel strongly about education being accessible for all deserving students. Moreover, I believe in what LSHTM stands for; namely, to improve health worldwide. It was an easy decision for me to dedicate my support to funding scholarships allowing deserving students to pursue careers in global health and impact communities across the world.”  

Making education accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, and location in the world is crucial to the health of populations today and in the future. The support of our alumni and friends has made and continues to make a world of difference by enabling access to education.

There are many ways to support students at our School.  With your support we can ensure the brightest and best students have the opportunity to learn with us, regardless of their economic background. Find out more about ways of giving to the School.