The MRC Unit at The Gambia: LSHTM Patient Access Fund

Nurses in hospital

The Clinical Services Department of MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM plays an instrumental role in providing essential medical services to our local community.

Our services are offered across three sites, with the site in Fajara including an inpatient ward with 40 beds. The services focus on ensuring that we can offer the best care possible for patients who need access to our laboratory and diagnostic services, and who require general medical and paediatric care. Services provided to the general public are heavily subsidised and in some cases fees can be waived if a patient’s financial situation leaves them simply unable to afford the fees charged for admission.  

Within the community in The Gambia, the clinic is known among patients for its high quality and respectful care, excellent and friendly consultant staff, and affordable prices. With quality healthcare being harder to find, and to access for many patients, in The Gambia than in other parts of the world, demand for the services are high, and patients and their families are grateful for the care they receive.  

We passionately believe that access to healthcare should not be determined by one’s geographical or socioeconomic background, and are determined and committed to playing our part - both through our work on the ground and in leading important fundraising activities - in supporting the needs of as many patients as we can. To do this, we need your help.

Please donate now

With your support, we can continue our ongoing activities aimed at ensuring that more people can access the medical care they need. Our dedicated colleagues in The Gambia are working incredibly hard to deliver treatments as quickly and effectively as possible, but for this to be sustainable they need further financial aid.

To allow alumni, friends and supporters of LSHTM to contribute to our work, we have started a Patient Access Fund to help patients access urgent medical investigations that are not available within the MRC at LSHTM clinic.

Gifts of all sizes make a huge difference. Through the power of our community coming together and giving what they can, we will be able to offer deeply valued support to patients in The Gambia who truly need it.

  • £10 - A gift of £10 would cover the costs of an ECHO (cardiac ultrasound scan).
  • £50 - A gift of £50 could fund a CT scan for someone unable to cover the cost of their medical care.
  • £100 - A gift of £100 would enable the delivery of a CT scan with contrast.

Please make your gift today to ensure we can continue to care for our community.

Thank you for all your support.