Making a difference together

Gifts to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) touch every aspect of teaching and work, from providing scholarships and bursaries to students, to advancing research through the creation of new academic posts and facilities. Your help has also been vital in delivering our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It demonstrates what can be achieved when we unite around a cause.

Donor support broadens horizons, enabling students to take up summer projects of pursuing a degree at LSHTM, while making a meaningful, positive impact to society and public health. Your support advances ground-breaking research, helping us draw teams of exceptional scholars and scientists together to tackle important challenges faced by people both at home and abroad.

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In 2019, we marked the 120th anniversary of the founding of LSHTM, and our institution is as relevant today to improving public health as it was when it was founded. In the 120 years since LSHTM first opened its doors to students, our School has been at the forefront of health innovation through research, providing research-led teaching in public and global health and providing healthcare policy advice to governments throughout the world.

We are deeply grateful to our community of donors. Your generosity continues to help improve health and health equity in the UK and worldwide.

Below are case studies showing the significant impact that philanthropy has had this year.

Thanks to you, we continue to be at the forefront of scientific research and health discoveries.

Education without barriers

In 2019, Dr Sumit Grover was awarded an LSHTM Fund scholarship, equipping him with the skills to provide eye care to rural communities in India. "I was fortunate to get a scholarship to fulfil my life-long dream of studying at LSHTM. Your remarkable kindness has made a great difference in my life. I will strive to excel in my studies on the MSc Public Health for Eyecare and work towards being a great future health leader. In turn, I intend to help other students in future to achieve their dreams and to give back to my community."

A home for world-class research

Philanthropic support is transforming our buildings, creating space in which to push the boundaries of public health research. In the last year, donations have enabled the creation of new laboratories for malaria and vaccine development. For our research to break new ground, our teams need state of the art equipment.

Coming together as a community

Whether it is running marathons, climbing mountains, or hosting a bake sale, our community fundraisers and regular donors have been instrumental in funding Europe’s first biobank for ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome. This neurological condition affects up to 250,000 people in the UK, and up to 17 million people worldwide. The team has a simple mission: to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Thanks to your generosity, we are closer than ever to breakthrough discoveries.

Giving students the skills to succeed

Our range of degrees offers challenge, choice and individual learning opportunities. Our teaching stimulates and inspires students, giving them the necessary knowledge and practical skills to develop their career. With your help, we create programmes which allow students to experience research work on the ground in relevant settings. Donor support has been crucial in enabling students to travel and carry out exceptional research through a range of travel scholarships.

Inspiring future generations

Our work with local schools inspires young minds to pursue careers in science. The Young Scientists Programme at LSHTM is entirely donor-funded and has motivated many young people to begin careers in public health, ensuring the continued development of the field. Philanthropy enables us to share research and teaching with the broader community and to show young people the breadth of opportunities in science. Many students come from families where no one has gone to university before.

Leaving a lasting legacy

Global access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education reduces illness and death from disease. A legacy gift is helping progress our research in this area, improving facilities in London and funding emerging researchers in The Gambia. A gift made in a legacy is a lasting way for a donor’s passions and values to have an ongoing and lasting impact.

Responding to COVID-19

Thanks to your support, our researchers can continue their real-time response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 Response Fund is supporting efforts to model the spread of the virus, sharing analysis, assisting outbreak surveillance and helping to combat misinformation and discrimination and inform public policy. We were able to quickly respond to the crisis thanks to donors like you uniting against this global threat. Together we can improve health and health equity for all.

Towards a healthy planet

With donor support, in June 2019, LSHTM launched the Centre for Climate Change & Planetary Health. The Centre is identifying solutions to public health challenges being brought about by climate and environmental change. Our goal is to help address and mitigate the negative impact of climate change on human health. Through research, policy engagement and broader outreach, we inform critical global responses to these threats. Your contributions have helped to conduct world-leading research. Thank you.