Research degree funding & scholarships

This table is updated as and when new funding is made available. Those looking for funding should review this table on a regular basis.

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Scholarship Programme Eligibility by fee status Application deadline Application status
Royal Belgian Benevolent Society Scholarship Award (RBBS) 2018/19 All Belgian students only (see advert for details) 27 April 2018 Closed
ERC Doctoral Studentship in Mathematical Modelling for Tuberculosis See advert See advert 23 April 2018 Closed
MRF AMR PhD Studentship See advert See advert 15 April 2018 Closed
GSK PhD Studentship in Pharmacoepidemiology See advert See advert 5 April 2018 Closed
NIBSC PhD Studentships See advert UK/EU only 9 March 2018 Award made by NIBSC
Bloomsbury Colleges PhD Studentships See advert UK/EU only 1 March 2018 Processing applications
MRF PhD Studentships in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Research See advert See advert 31 January 2018 Applicants have been advised
Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 2018/19 All Commonwealth students only (see advert for details) See advert Award made by Commonwealth
BBSRC London Interdisciplinary Biosciences PhD Programme (BBSRC LIDo) See advert See advert 19 January 2018 Award made by LIDo
Alzheimer's Society PhD Studentship on Infections, Diabetes and Dementia See advert UK/EU only 16 January 2018 (10.00 GMT) Award has been made, and successful applicant notified
MRC London Intercollegiate DTP Studentships (MRC LID) See advert UK/EU only 14 January 2018 Awards have been made, and successful applicants notified
ESRC UCL, Bloomsbury & East London DTP Studentships (ESRC UBEL) See advert See advert 9 January 2018 Decisions expected by 27 April
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for Doctoral Students See advert See advert 2 November 2017 Award made by Trudeau
Marshall Scholarships (incl Marshall-LSHTM Partnership Award) See advert Overseas (US citizens only) 2 October 2017 Award made by Marshall
Colt Foundation Fellowships in Occupational/Environmental Health See advert See advert 1 September 2017 Award made by Colt Foundation
  • Other sources of funding: a selection of useful links and resources, including other organisations and trusts known to provide funding.