International recruitment to UKRI-funded studentships: LSHTM Statement

LSHTM is a partner institution in the following doctoral training partnerships (DTPs):

For the 2021-22 academic year onwards, UKRI has confirmed that any prospective doctoral student wishing to study at a UK research organisation, including prospective international students, can apply for a UKRI studentship. A UKRI doctoral studentship provides tuition fees (to the UKRI studentship fee rate), a tax-free stipend (at the UKRI studentship stipend rate with London weighting), and some additional training and development support.

Successful applicants with 'Home' fee status will receive a full scholarship. Successful applicants assessed to have 'Overseas' fee status will be required to 'top up' their tuition fees, as the UKRI tuition fee rate is far lower than the LSHTM overseas tuition fee rate. For the first 3 years of full time equivalent study for a research degree an international student is likely to require approximately GBP 15,000.00 - GBP 20,000.00 per year tuition fee 'top-up', depending on the programme of study and studentship. The top-up required for international students undertaking a 1+3 studentship will be higher for the Masters year (up to about GBP 23,000.00). Successful international applicants will be required to cover the tuition fee top-up costs from other sources (eg other scholarship or bursary awards). Awardees may not use their UKRI stipend or the UKRI training support to top-up fees. Successful applicants from LMICs may be eligible for an LSHTM bursary to cover the fee top-up costs. LMIC applicants who are short-listed for interview, and who would be interested in applying for an LSHTM bursary, should contact the Scholarships Team (email: at that time for further information.