2024-25 Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for the MSc Demography & Health.

Basia Zaba
Professor Basia Zaba (1949-2018)

Basia started her long association with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in 1975 when she enrolled for the MSc in Medical Demography (the precursor to the MSc Demography & Health). She stayed on to work as a Research Fellow, leaving in 1980 to spend eight years in Trinidad. She initially worked for the UN Economic Commission for Latin America, and later took a part-time position at the University of the West Indies. On her return to LSHTM in 1988 she was awarded an ESRC fellowship that enabled her to conduct fieldwork in Mwanza, Tanzania. This convinced her that HIV/AIDS was the outstanding health, demographic and development problem facing the region, and since the mid-1990s she worked more or less exclusively in this field. Her far-sighted, seminal work in this area – including the establishment of the ALPHA network of population-based HIV surveillance sites – led to increasing international recognition. In addition to her work on HIV, Basia has made important contributions to the field of indirect techniques of demographic estimation. Basia held the Brass/Blacker Chair in Demography since 2012 and became Head of the Department of Population Health in August 2015.

An obituary with greater detail on Basia’s career is available on the IUSSP website.

2024-25 Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship

One partial scholarship is offered for the 2024-25 academic year worth GBP 6,165.00 towards tuition fees for a home student or GBP 14,270.00 towards fees for an international student, covering half of the respective total tuition fees. 

Eligibility for funding

The scholarship is open to applicants who have been accepted onto the 2024-25 intensive MSc Demography & Health.

Preference will be given to prospective students with a demonstrable interest in the field of demographic estimation, or, the demography of low-income countries.

Applicants must meet the School’s minimum English language proficiency requirements if shortlisted for this funding.

Applicants are expected to have other funding to cover the other half of their fees (GBP 6,515.00 home or GBP 14,270 international), as well as to cover their living and travel costs. This scholarship can only provide half of the total fees, as advertised.

How to apply

The application process has two steps. To be considered for the funding, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria and complete both steps outlined below by the scholarship deadline of 23:59 (GMT) on Monday 15 April 2024.

Step 1

Submit an application for 2024-25 for a MSc Demography & Health, as per instructions under the ‘How to Apply’ tab on the relevant programme of study page.

Step 2

  • In your application to study you should select the scholarships you are applying for in the ‘FUNDING DETAILS’ section of the application form. If you do not select the scholarship on your application, you will not be considered for this funding.
  • Attach a Scholarships Application Form (docx) to your application to study completed in Step 1. A completed Scholarships Application Form must be uploaded as part of this application.
  • On the form please use the section titled ‘other’ to record your answer to the following question:  How do you plan to finance the remaining costs of your MSc study at LSHTM?
  • This is the only scholarships attachment required (as applicants should have already submitted references; transcripts; a CV etc as part of their application for study). 

Important information

  • Applicants are advised to complete Step 1 early to allow time for their GBP 50.00 LSHTM admissions application fee payment to be processed. Until the payment is processed applicants will be unable to submit an application for study.
  • We recommend that applicants for this funding complete and submit their application for study at least 2-3 days prior to the scholarships deadline to ensure that there are no Admissions or payment processing delays which could impact on meeting the scholarship deadline.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for this funding. Incomplete applications include those with missing documents at either Step 1 or 2 above.
  • Both the application to study and the scholarship application form must be complete by the scholarship deadline as stated on the scholarships advert. Applicants should ensure that all necessary supplementary documents are submitted via LSHTM’s Admissions Portal by the scholarship deadline.
  • Applicants whose application for study is successful will be asked to pay a deposit within 28 days of the offer of admission being sent. Applicants applying for scholarships at LSHTM must email the Admissions Team to advise that they are awaiting the scholarship outcome (applicants must provide the Admissions team with both the name of the scholarship and the expected decision date in this email. This must be repeated for every application for which the applicant has applied.) The Admissions team will then extend the deposit deadline to match the decision deadline of the scholarship funding.
  • Applicants who encounter any technical difficulties whilst using the Admissions application portal should contact LSHTM’s IT Services team, providing the full name of the applicant; the scholarship that is being applied for; and the technical issue that has been encountered. Please also attach a screen shot where possible:
  • For any queries about the application process, scholarship requirements or application deadline, please contact the LSHTM Scholarships team:
  • By applying for this funding applicants agree to its Terms & Conditions.
  • Please note that all applications will only be reviewed and processed after the deadline. All applications that are submitted before the deadline will be considered equally, regardless of submission date.   
  • Decisions will be reached, and the successful applicants notified, by 24 May 2024.


Applications and all necessary supporting documents must be received by 23:59 (GMT) on Monday 15 April 2024.