Visiting the Archives

The Archives Service collects, catalogues, preserves and provides access to the archive collections of the School.

Due to COVID-19, the LSHTM Archives at Keppel Street are not currently open to researchers. This page will be updated when the archives re-open. We wish everyone the best of health over the next few months.

Registering to use the archives

All researchers must complete and sign a registration form which signifies their agreement to abide by the archive rules. You will also need to provide proof of identity bearing your signature eg a passport or debit card.

Access restrictions

Every attempt will be made to provide access to the School’s collections, but there may be occasions when some material may be exempt on grounds of confidentiality, restricted access conditions or for conservation reasons. In most cases, researchers should be made aware of these restrictions by the Archives Service before they visit the archives.


The Archives Service will answer simple enquiries by email, telephone or letter. It is not possible to undertake lengthy or complex enquiries on the behalf of researchers. If you have a query of this nature we will usually suggest that you either visit in person or hire a professional researcher to undertake research on your behalf.

Access & guidelines

The access statement aims to ensure the Archives Service fulfils its responsibility to provide the broadest possible access to these collections. Guidelines have been designed to minimise the risk of damage to the archive collections so as to preserve them for future use.

Access statement  Guidelines for using the archives

Collections statements