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LSHTM is one of the world’s leading schools of public and global health. For over 100 years, Library, Archive & Open Research Services has supported ground-breaking research and the education of health leaders globally.

We want to provide LSHTM with the best possible resources to respond to global health’s most pressing issues. We want to ensure students and researchers have all the information and tools necessary to innovate for the future.

Please help with our vital work. Support our projects to expand our collections, conserve our past, respond to our present and shape our future:

Decolonising Global Health

Global health is about equity and justice. Global health institutions must fight, not reinforce, racial and national hierarchies and exploitative systems.

We want to expand the research resources available to support LSHTM's decolonisation work. We want to equip LSHTM with the latest thinking on this essential topic to be at the forefront of efforts to build a more equitable and just world.

Please join us by supporting this vital cause and make a gift today.

Supporting students and researchers around the world

With your support, LSHTM can stay at the forefront of academic teaching and research, providing students and researchers with the technological tools and spaces they need to excel. Library, Archive & Open Research Services is at the heart of the student experience and support for education and research. Help us to respond to the rapidly changing landscape and enhance our research and study environments so that our staff and students can thrive.

LSHTM is a pioneer of Open Research. Help us expand opportunities for researchers and members of the public around the world to explore our rich collections by making a gift to support the digitisation of historical material. Gifts to the Library, Archive & Open Research Services Fund will also support other open science innovations including LSHTM Open Access Press, our new platform enabling LSHTM staff and students to publish their findings openly and affordably, ensuring that our research is accessible to the widest possible audience and delivering on our School’s mission to improve health worldwide.

Adopt a book or archive

Conservation is critical to preserve our collections for everyone, now and in the future.

Help preserve public health and global disease history by adopting a book or archive from the Library, Archive & Open Research Services’ historical collections.

Library collections

LSHTM Library maintains a comprehensive collection of current and historical texts in the field of global health and infectious disease. The collections contain many rare volumes from the Victorian age of exploration and sanitary improvements, and earlier writings on health and disease from the UK and internationally.

Archive collections

LSHTM Archives preserve papers, photographs, maps and artefacts relating to scientific, medical and public health professionals and to all aspects of our School's research and development from its beginnings in London's East End in 1899 to the present day. Our collections require careful conservation so they can continue to be accessed by researchers from across the globe.

"The historical collections at LSHTM represent an amazing body of knowledge; by adopting a book or archive, you will help us to open up these treasures to successive generations of researchers so they can enjoy and benefit from the contents."

David Archer, Director of Library, Archive & Open Research Services

How can I adopt a book or archive?

You can adopt an individual book or archive collection in need of conservation or choose a subject area to support. Alternatively, you can contribute to our general historical conservation fund. Simply complete our online donation form, and we will be in touch to discuss your adoption.

Give to the Library, Archive & Open Research Services

Gifts of all sizes make a big difference and will support our vital conservation efforts. All donors will receive a donation certificate and information about the impact of your gift. If you give £250 or more, you can choose a subject area with your adoption.

"Please join us to conserve these books and archives so they can be used by students and researchers around the world for years to come."

Professor Liam Smeeth, Director


For questions about supporting Library, Archive & Open Research Services contact David Archer.

For more information about donating to LSHTM see our support us pages.