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Department Research Degree Co-ordinator
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The Department of Disease Control is a multidisciplinary, cross-cutting department, operating in a global context and committed to excellence in research, innovation, learning and engagement. We have an outstanding reputation for globally competitive research and teaching excellence, with demonstrable impact in the control of diseases, worldwide.

Our diverse scientific staff comprises entomologists, epidemiologists, mathematical modellers, geographers, public health engineers, hygiene specialists, social scientists, engineers, statisticians and clinical scientists. We also have a strong team of project administrators, coordinators and managers who provide expert support to our research programmes in the UK and overseas Our range of expertise provides us with an impressive set of tools for focusing on the control of diseases that are mostly insect-borne, water-borne or associated with poor hygiene – mostly in developing countries. Much of our research is directed at current health policy issues and addressing gaps between policy and practice.

Publications by department staff can be viewed in the School’s online repository.

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