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Medical Humanitarianism

Improving the health, wellbeing and voice of people affected by humanitarian crises by conducting social science research of and for humanitarian responses. 

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Working in partnership with people affected by and responding to humanitarian crises around the world, we conduct interdisciplinary social science research of and for humanitarian responses which deepens and challenges our understanding of how best to tackle the health impacts of humanitarian crises. 


Our research focuses on key areas of humanitarian policy and practice


Our team comprises a number of interdisciplinary social scientists, including medical anthropologists, political scientists, health systems researchers, health economists and social epidemiologists.

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The Medical Humanitarianism group brings together a diverse group of social scientists with a common interest in using interdisciplinary social science approaches to support, improve and—when necessary—critique responses to humanitarian crises. We work with people across the world who are affected by ongoing humanitarian crises, whose health is still shaped by ‘past’ crises, and/or who are particularly at risk of crises. Our commitment to intersectional and interdisciplinary research provides a holistic perspective on how the multiple social, economic, political, and environmental dimensions of humanitarian crises impact on health and wellbeing. 

Most of our work is organised through LSHTM’s Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre. Our research topics include: 

  • Humanitarian practice and policy 
  • Local accountability in humanitarian contexts 
  • Women’s, children’s and adolescent health in humanitarian crises 
  • Health systems and health financing in refugee and mass displacement settings 
  • Health and security in settings affected by political conflict and violence 
  • Covid-19 responses in crisis-affected contexts 
  • Public authority and humanitarian response 

MH is connected to a number of other groups and centres at the school, including: 

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