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Where are the vaccines that are better than the BCG?

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The third day of World Immunisation Week will concentrate on Tuberculosis, focusing on vaccine development, progress, equity and clinical trials. The webinar, chaired by Toyin Togun from LSHTM, will include a presentation by Jayne Sutherland from LSHTM on TB vaccine development and Richard White from LSHTM on the contribution of TB vaccines to global TB control. 


Dr Toyin Togun, LSHTM (Chair)

Toyin is an Associate Professor at LSHTM and is a clinician-scientist in the Vaccines & Immunity Theme at the MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM. He sits on the steering committee for the Vaccine Centre and is the Co-Director of the LSHTM TB Centre. Toyin’s area of interest is in global health and implementation research that is centred on the discovery and practical applications of new tools and strategies to improve the diagnosis and management of TB in high burden settings, with particular interest in childhood TB. 

Dr Jayne Sutherland, LSHTM 

Jayne is an Associate Professor of Immunology at LSHTM and Head of the TB research group at the MRC Unit in The Gambia at LSHTM. The TB research group consists of the TB case-contact (TBCC) platform and the TB immunology laboratory and provides multi-disciplinary analysis of TB across the spectrum of infection and disease.

Professor Richard White, LSHTM 

Richard is Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling in the Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases and the TB Centre at LSHTM. 

He is Director of the TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (TB MAC) and co-leads the LSHTM TB Modelling Group

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