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Defeating Meningitis by 2030: the essential role of vaccines in the WHO roadmap

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Day two of World Immunisation Week will focus on meningitis and the ongoing research in this space. The webinar will be chaired by Nicholas Davies from LSHTM with presentations from Ed Clarke from the MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM and Caroline Trotter from the University of Cambridge. We will hear about an ongoing trial in The Gambia as well as an update on the roadmap and where it fits within the plan to eliminate meningitis by 2030.  


Dr Nicholas Davies (Chair)

Nick is an Assistant Professor of mathematical modelling at LSHTM and sits on the steering committee for the Vaccine Centre. His research focuses how to mitigate the burden of antibiotic-resistant infections and in how interventions like vaccines and antibiotic stewardship interact with resistance evolution.

Dr Ed Clarke

Dr Clarke is the Head of Infant Immunology at MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM. Ed is clinically qualified in paediatric infectious diseases and immunology with main research interests including clinical vaccine trials of vaccines relevant to the setting in West Africa.  

Dr Caroline Trotter

Dr Trotter is an infectious disease epidemiologist with an interest in vaccine-preventable diseases, particularly bacterial meningitis. Her research concentrates on understanding the epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases and the impact of immunisation. The majority of Caroline’s work is on meningococcal infection, conducting studies in Europe and Africa.

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