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The chequered pathway to HIV vaccine development

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HIV will be the focus of the fourth day of World Immunisation Week. Tracey Chantler from LSHTM will chair the session and will be joined by Tomas Hanke from the Oxford University, who will present on the pathway to HIV vaccine development using insights from the GREAT consortium to discuss HIV vaccine candidate advancements.  


Dr Tracey Chantler, LSHTM (Chair) 

Tracey is a Co-Director of LSHTM Vaccine Centre. She is a medical anthropologist with a professional background in nursing and community health development. She has been involved in research relating to vaccines and immunisation for 17 years and has experience in coordinating community health and immunisation programmes in Haiti. Tracey’s research in this field spans paediatric clinical vaccine trials, organisational, qualitative and mixed methods research in the UK related to the delivery of vaccine programmes, vaccine trial participation, public engagement, acceptance of new vaccines, as well as longer-term ethnographic fieldwork related to community engagement, vaccine trials and ethics in western Kenya.  

Professor Tomas Hanke, University of Oxford 

Tomas Hanke is a Professor of Immunology at the University of Oxford and a Distinguished Immunology Professor at Kumamoto University in Japan. His research aims to develop a universal HIV-1 vaccine, which targets most global virus variants including escape mutants. He explores novel vaccine modalities and optimises their immunogenicity in heterelogous prime-boost regimens in mice and macaques.

Dr Vincent Muturi-Kioi, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Vincent is a medical doctor working within the Clinical Development Department of IAVI. He is responsible for protocol design and safety monitoring of clinical trials evaluating biomedical prevention interventions against HIV, and other diseases of public health importance. 

Dr William Kilembe, Zambia Emory HIV Research Project  

William Kilembe is a Project Director and study physician at Zambia Emory HIV Research Project in Lusaka. He has been instrumental in International AIDS Vaccine Initiative sponsored AIDS vaccine trials conducted in Zambia and has served as Principal Investigator or co-PI on various studies that have contributed to AIDS vaccine design.

Dr Walter Jaoko, Director of KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research 

Walter is a Professor of medical microbiology and tropical medicine, the Director of KAVI and former Chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology at University of Nairobi. 

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