Terms and conditions for travelling scholarships

General terms and conditions

Below are the general terms and conditions relating to travelling scholarships for for current students. If you are a prospective student, please visit our scholarships page.

Please note, you should refer to the additional information and variations to general terms and conditions section at the end of this page for scholarship-specific information.


By submitting an application for funding: 

  • the applicant is confirming that the information provided on their scholarship application, and all supporting documents, is true and accurate; 
  • the applicant consents to his/her funding application documents, including uploaded supporting documents and a copy of his/her student record, being released to the scholarship panel/s; 
  • the applicant agrees to informing the scholarships team immediately of any change in information provided in the application form; and
  • the applicant agrees to inform the scholarships team immediately of any change to the project details including proposed project title, travel dates, and travel destination.
Funding offer

The successful applicant(s) will be sent a funding offer by email.

Applicants offered a funding award must accept by the deadline noted on the email. If LSHTM does not receive an acceptance response from the award recipient by the date stipulated in the award email we will assume the nominated candidate is declining this award. Therefore, we will retract our funding offer and make an offer for the same award to the next reserve candidate.

To receive funds/award the successful applicant must return a completed bond form, ethics approval (LSHTM and local), and a completed bank details form in a single email to the scholarships team at as soon as possible, and by the deadline date stated on the award letter at the latest. (If additional paperwork has been requested for a specific award this should also be provided at the same time).

Funds for PhD (and DrPH equivalent) study will only be released once formal confirmation of upgrading/DrPH review has been submitted to Registry.

This funding offer is only valid for one year*. If successful applicants are unable to use the funding for their project within the year, then they must contact the scholarships team (via the email above) as soon as possible for advice.

*As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • research degree students awarded travel & research scholarship funding for 2020 have been given two years to use the funds (ie by June/July 2022)
  • research degree students awarded travel & research scholarship funding in 2021 have 18 months to use the award/s (ie by Dec 2022).

Masters students who are awarded travel & research scholarship funding in 2020 and/or 2021 are required to use the funds in that academic year.


Accepting this award constitutes a legal signature that the award recipient acknowledges and agrees to the declaration, and scholarship terms and conditions.

The award recipient understands that no additional funds can be claimed under this award.

Advertisement and award of travelling and research scholarships does not constitute LSHTM Registry approval to travel. All students in receipt of a travelling/travel & research scholarship award MUST follow the policies, guidance, and requirements of

  • LSHTM (including LSHTM travel insurance), and
  • UK government, through FCDO guidance, and
  • destination government, and
  • LSHTM travel insurance

at the time of planning, proposed travel, and actual travel.

Should the award recipient need to amend the project details including title, travel dates, and travel destination, a project award amendment request must be submitted to for approval by the funding panel.

The award recipient must inform the scholarships team immediately of any changes to his/her personal circumstances during the period of support which could affect the award. If an alteration in circumstances occurs and it transpires that excess grant funding has been paid, the award recipient agrees to refund the excess to the institution.

We expect students to adhere to the behavioural guidelines and regulations of LSHTM. Funded students who do not may be at risk of losing their funding. For further information on these guidelines and regulations, please read through the general regulations for students.

General regulations for students

Funded students must maintain satisfactory academic progress at LSHTM and a good standing towards degree requirements for the duration of their enrolment.

Funds paid to the award recipient once the award has been terminated, or paid in error, or inappropriately, will be reclaimed. The award recipient must understand that the giving of any false information or withholding of relevant information may lead to the termination of any allowance granted and the institution of proceedings for the recovery of any amounts paid by LSHTM.

The award recipient agrees to return the awarded funds to LSHTM within one month of the expected end date of the project if the award recipient does not carry out the project as indicated in their scholarship application proposal.

Award recipients agree to write a 250-word student profile for use in LSHTM publications and on the website. They also give consent to LSHTM to announce their name and funding award and to use photographic images of the award recipient/s in their publications and on the website. 

The award recipient agrees to submit a completed end of project control form to by the project expected end date.

Where a scholarship has been made possible by a private gift to LSHTM, the award recipient is expected to:

  • write a short (50-100 word) thank-you letter to the donor; and 
  • may be asked to make themselves available to meet with the donor in person. 

The Development & Alumni Relations Office (DARO) will contact the scholarship recipients that are required to do this, and will provide guidance on the suggested content of the thank you letter, and/or identify dates and times for meeting the donor. 

Additional information and variations



Awards are designed to support travel costs directly associated with OPA fieldwork and travel (and associated subsistence/accommodation costs). 2020 applicants who are unable to travel, or looking to undertake research study that does not include travel, should note that the name of the award allows for applications for fieldwork as well as travel and associated costs.


Doctoral Project travelling scholarship funding will only be released to DrPH awardees on confirmation of DrPH review (DrPH equivalent to upgrading) being submitted to Registry.

Helena Vrbova

This scholarship offer is conditional upon the applicant being registered as a full time London based research study student at LSHTM.

This scholarship is open to suitably qualified postgraduate research (PhD) students whose research is directed towards malaria.

Additional information

The research degree regulations and the research degree handbook can be found on the regulatory documents pages.