Distance learning

Flexible studies, anywhere in the world

Distance learning is a great study option which allows you to fit your education around work and home life commitments wherever you are in the world. LSHTM's distance learning programmes aim to provide health practitioners, clinicians, policy-makers, scientists and recent graduates with a world-class qualification in public and global health.

We currently offer six distance learning programmes, each of which can be taken as a PG Certificate, PG Diploma or Master's degree. The structure of the programmes allows you to be flexible and study at a pace that suits you.  

Any of the modules from the programmes above can be studied as stand-alone short courses. You can view available modules on our distance learning modules page.

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Why distance learning?

Over 20 years of experience 

We have been teaching since 1899 and have been delivering online learning programmes since 1998. Today, we have over 4000 students studying with us by distance learning from over 150 countries. 


Our distance learning programmes enable you to study independently and at times that are convenient to you, over several years if needed, to fit in with your other commitments.

Choose and build on your qualification

You can decide to study for a PG Certificate, a PG Diploma or a full Master’s degree depending on how many modules you choose to study (make sure to check the programme page as the number of modules may vary). You also have the option to start with the PG Certificate or PG Diploma and add the modules needed to complete the Master’s later on if you wish.

If you already have a qualification and do not wish to undertake more long studies, you can always specialise in a specific area or boost your knowledge with our individual modules. And should you change your mind, these can also be put towards a full programme at a later date.

Career progression

While some people put their careers on hold to study, our programmes enable you to continue building your career momentum while gaining the knowledge and skills for future opportunities.

Apply your learning

Continuing to work while studying gives you the opportunity to apply immediately concepts you have learned to real-life situations in your career, which can make the experience of studying more rewarding.

Pay as you go

Because of the flexible nature of distance learning, you can pay for what you plan to study each year at the point of registration rather than paying the whole fee up-front. This allows you to spread the cost over the lifetime of your programme.

Be part of a global community

You can engage with students from all over the world, learning from each other’s experiences and gaining a truly international perspective on public and global health.

Distance learning programmes are self-led using the fully comprehensive study materials provided. Students are given access to the LSHTM's Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) and other online resources such as academic journals. Students receive academic support and assessment feedback from subject tutors, and the use of online discussion forums is strongly encouraged.

How to apply

Our distance learning programmes are run in collaboration with the University of London. The course content, teaching and assessment are developed by academic staff at LSHTM, while the University of London manages administrative matters including registration, distribution of materials and tuition fee payment. As such, applications must be made through the University of London.

Further information about the application process can be found on our how to apply pages.

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