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Individual Modules

You can study all the modules in our distance learning programmes (with the exception of the project reports and Clinical Trials integrating module) on an individual basis.

These modules are particularly useful for anyone working in NGOs, government and health departments, and as clinicians, researchers, scientists or other professionals who are exposed to the topics covered and would benefit from learning more. They are also helpful if you would like to 'sample' one of our formal programmes.

If you do not have the standard academic requirements to register for a formal programme (i.e. PG Certificate, PG Diploma or MSc), you may be asked to take one individual module to be considered for entry.

Module fees 2021/22

Fee per core module (Clinical Trials, Demography & Health, Epidemiology, Global Health Policy, Infectious Diseases): £2,280

Fee per core module (Public Health): £1,560

Fee per advanced/elective module: £2,280

Application fee: none

Credit system

Our system is consistent with the European (ECTS) credit system; most modules are worth 15 UK credits, equivalent to 7.5 ECTS credits. Modules worth 10 UK credits are equivalent to 5 ECTS credits.

Credit transfer

If you complete an individual module and decide to register for a PG Certificate, PG Diploma or MSc, the grades and credits you have gained may be transferred. To qualify, the module must form part of the structure of the programme and the request must be made within three years of completing the formal assessment for the single module.

If you transfer from an individual module to a formal award, you pay the programme registration fee (which doesn't apply for single modules) and then the fee for the remaining components of the programme.

Changes to the course

LSHTM will seek to deliver this course in accordance with the description set out in this course page. However, there may be situations in which it is desirable or necessary for the School to make changes in course provision, either before or after registration. For further information, please see our page on changes to courses.

Individual modules

The majority of the modules listed below are available individually. Application procedure and online application forms can be found on the "how to apply" tab.

Clinical Trials

To apply, complete the Clinical Trials (CTM) individual modules application form

Demography & Health

To apply, complete the Demography & Health (DEM) individual modules application form


To apply, complete the Epidemiology (EPM) individual modules application form

Global Health Policy

To apply, complete the Global Health Policy (GHM) individual modules application form

Infectious Diseases

To apply, complete the Infectious Diseases (IDM) individual modules application form

Public Health

To apply, complete the Public Health (PHM) individual modules application form

How to apply
How to apply

Applications should be submitted electronically to the University of London. Each module has a six-character code (for example, EPM101) and this code should be used on the application form.

To apply, click on on the relevant application link below (it will take you to the University of London application portal)

Entry Requirements

Where previous experience or qualifications are required, they are listed in the corresponding module specification. If you already have sufficient background qualifications or experience then you may be able to take some more specialist modules without the need to first complete core modules. 

Students must meet the appropriate standard of English required to study this course.

    Application deadlines

    Demography & Health, Epidemiology, Global Health Policy, Infectious Diseases, Public Health modules 31 August
    Clinical Trials modules 31 October