Module specifications 2020-21


Module Term
Analysis & Design of Research Studies Term 1
Bacteriology & Virology Term 1
Basic Epidemiology Term 1
Basic Statistics for Public Health & Policy Term 1
Clinical Trials Term 1
Demographic Methods Term 1
Environment, Health and Sustainable Development Term 1
Epidemiology and -omics Term 1
Epidemiology for Health Data Science Term 1
Epidemiology in Practice Term 1 
Epidemiological Methods Applied to Eye Diseases Term 1
Extended Epidemiology Term 1
Foundations for Health Promotion Term 1
Foundations in Reproductive Health Term 1
Foundations of Global Eye Health and Eye Care Programmes (formerly Public Health Programmes in Eye Care: Principles & Examples) Term 1
Foundations of Medical Statistics Term 1
Fundamental Public Health Nutrition  Term 1
Health Data Management Term 1
Health Policy, Process & Power Term 1
Health Services Term 1
Immunology of Infectious Diseases Term 1
Introduction to Disease Agents & Their Control Term 1
Introduction to Global Mental Health (formerly Fundamentals in Global Mental Health)  Term 1
Introduction to Health Data Science Term 1
Introduction to Health Economics Term 1
Introduction to Statistical Computing Term 1
Issues in Public Health Term 1
Molecular Biology Term 1
Parasitology & Entomology Term 1
Population Studies Term 1
Principles of Social Research Term 1 
Programming Term 1
Robust Statistical Methods Term 1 - second half of term 1
Skills for Field Projects in Eye Care Term 1
Statistics for Epidemiology and Population Health (EPH) Term 1
Statistics for Health Data Science Term 1