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The Department of Public Health, Environments and Society (PHES) focuses on the social and environmental determinants of health and the evaluation and analysis of public health policy.

We have a multi-disciplinary focus, with researchers from the fields of epidemiology, health economics, history, international relations, mathematical modelling, medicine and ethics, political science, sociology and statistics. Our research programme includes work in both high and low income countries, and integrates environmental, social and policy issues at international, national and local levels. General research interests and strengths include drugs and health behaviour, globalisation, environmental change, history, sexual and reproductive health, spatial analysis, transport, and HIV.

We have more than 30 research students working towards PhD and DrPH degrees across the breadth of our research interests. Staff also contribute to the school's Master’s Degree Teaching Programme, in particular the MSc Public Health.

Our department was formed in 2003 by bringing together three existing groups in the Faculty of Public Health and Policy: the Environmental Epidemiology Unit, the Health Promotion Research Unit and the Globalisation Programme of the Health Policy Unit.

Publications by department staff can be viewed in the School’s online repository.

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